Starch Adhesive Glue Powder for Corrugation Boxes Production Line

Starch Adhesive Glue Powder for Corrugation Boxes Production Line
Product Details

Corrugation Starch Glue Powder

Physical property:




White free flowing powder


Easily dispersive in cold water & form homogenous slurry


No peculiar smell

Main contents:
Denatured corn starch
Silicate mineral filler
Carbonate filler
Sodium borate compound


Fineness (%), (80mesh)


Intensity stick (N/cm2)

9 min.

Ph (the finished glue)


Moisture content (%)


Viscosity (No.4 viscosimeter)



Polythene woven bag

Net weight


The advantages compared to native starch: 

Strong adhesion.

Make cartons stronger.

Improve cartons’ anti-moisture performance.

No need other additives like native starch glue enhancer, anti-moisture agent, etc.


Environmental friendly.

Water glue formula 

I.Glue making procedures:

A.The glue carrier making:

1.Water 35kg;

2.Put the glue powder 4kg into above water and stir evenly;

3.solve 0.8kg caustic soda into another 5kg water and stir entirely for about 5-10min. And then put this caustic soda solution into the step 2 solution; stirring evenly while pouring.

B.The glue body making:

1.Water 50kg;

2.Put the glue powder 21kg into above water and stir evenly;

3.Put 0.6kg borax into B. step 2 solution and stir for about 5-7min.

C.Pour the carrier solution into the body solution slowly and stirring evenly, and stirring till they are mixed evenly, and then to get the final corrugation glue.


1.The function of the caustic soda: gel builder, main content should be over 96%; the carrier cannot be gel without the caustic soda; normally the caustic soda can make the gel translucent; if put it into too much, the final glue is easy to be thick; in case of bad quality of the caustic soda, should put more caustic soda;

2.The function of the borax: to improve the viscosity of the final glue;

3.The adjustment of the glue viscosity: the final glue viscosity depends on the quantity of the glue powder in the carrier; larger quantity of the powder, higher viscosity of the glue; the user can adjust the glue powder quantity to be used into the carrier to get satisfied viscosity of the glue; the adhesion is mainly affected by the body glue powder, and the adhesion has little thing to do with the viscosity of the glue. What’s more, during pour the carrier into the body, longer time stirring, lower viscosity of the final glue; shorter time stirring, higher viscosity.

4.Water quantity: the water to be used can be adjusted according to the running speed of the machine; higher speed, less water; lower speed, a little more water;

5.Gluing quantity: adjusting according to the real job to get proper glue applying quantity;

6.The final glue durability: about 10days in winter; and about 3days in summer.

7.For more information, pls feel free to contact us.

8.As per above formula, one ton of the glue powder can be made into 4.66tons of water glue.

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