Starch Adhesive Glue For Honeycomb Board Making

Starch gum glue powder serves the whole line of honeycomb paperboard making as well as all kinds of devices and products in this line.During running, heating devices are not necessary, but with heating device, the machine's running speed can be increased obviously.

Product Details


Our starch adhesive glue for honeycomb board making has the advantages of fast drying, adjustable speed, firm adhesion, hard film, excellent moisture resistance, corrosion and mildew resistance. The product is mainly suitable for honeycomb paperboard production equipment and honeycomb paperboard products.

After drying, the glue in the starch adhesive glue for honeycomb board film color has no color difference to original paper color, the colloid color can not be seen on the die-cut cardboard edge.


1. Quickly dried, adjustable.

2. stronger adhesion.

3. Humidity enduring, anti-mold.

4. consistency adjustable.

5. low cost.

6. Natural recyclable and not harmful to environment.

7. Easily degradable.

8. Neat and nice paperboard.

Special note:

1. The specific glue model shall be selected according to the production process of the customer.

2. In the process of dispensing glue, it shall be operated in strict accordance with the manufacturer's formula.

3. Rubber powder in the storage and transportation process pay attention to moisture, can not be exposed to the sun, rain.

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