B-460 Semi Automtic Rigid Box Making Machine

B-460 Semi Automtic Rigid Box Making Machine
Product Details

B-460 Semi Automtic Rigid Box Making Machine

Semi Automtic Rigid Box Making Machine is a accessory equipment for making rigid box, packaging boxes. With advantages of the small size, easy operation, fast speed cycle. This machine can automatically start to edge fold and forming and wrap of box. The advance PLC and variable frequency can freely control its speed and it equipped with safety devices to ensure fast and safe production. Use electric brushes to make the output rigid boxes more tightly and smoothly.


Paper size (A*B)

Min 100*200mm

Max 580*800mm

Paper thickness


Cardboard thickness

T 1-3mm

Box size(W*L*H)

Min 50*100*15mm

Max 320*420*120mm

Edge folding depth

Rmin 10mm

Rmax 70mm

Production speed

10-20 boxes/min



Heater power


Air supply

10L/min 1.6Mpa

Machine weight


Machine dimensions

7200*2100*3250mm (L*W*H)

Box sample:

image007.jpg image009.jpg image010.jpg image011.jpg

image003.jpg image005.jpg image012.jpg image013.jpg

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