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Understanding Knife Die - Die Cutting Machine Knife Die Classification

Jul 03, 2017

Understanding Knife Die - Die Cutting Machine Knife Die Classification
 1 Know the knife mold
Blade and blade hardness, the type of knife from the blade point of view. Blade of the lines, the blade and the blade surface processing technology to distinguish the words, no less than 100 kinds of.
Are presented in that design, the development and production of Daomo is based on a deep understanding of customer demand for information and information on the basis of a considerable understanding of the customer to express the information. So the customer's request into their own process, to be the first trial. The appearance of the final product requires engineering staff to have a considerable understanding of the information. There is another element is the performance of their own machines have a considerable solution to the design and production process. It can be said that: understanding this is essential to the essential engineers. Know what customers want to know, know the properties of the data, and then think about my machine's production performance, information, solution machine production performance. Mind will be the problem, the structure of the construction of the scene. Die Cutting Machine How to solve? The solution is to design the process, and Daomo is the important tool that you can think of into reality. Can see how you get the knife did not reach the needs of customers.
2 laser knife mold
So as to achieve the purpose of the device cutting knife using the laser's strong energy to the knife template for high-depth ablation.
3QDC mold
What is QDC Mold?
The use of carving knife mold or corrosion knife mold installed to the hardware die module, Die Cutting Machine QDC module that is the combination of modular approach. For punching, cleaning; because you can according to the need for different die cutting mold replacement. , And take into account the advantages of die and die precision, stability.
4 etching knife mold
Engraving knife mold is following the laser knife mold developed after a high precision, etching knife mold. Difficult, knife-edge seamless, Die Cutting Machine cut off the line smooth, repeat the high precision die. Its main application in the flexible circuit board polarizer, backlight, translucent film, refraction tablets, stickers, paper technology, Mylar films, PET and so on. Rotary knife mold relying on its speed precision, FPC electronic film. It is the mainstream of the future. Etched seamless die and engraving knife die used in high-precision film and LINS and other cutting molding.
Die cutting different information to use a different blade to achieve the most effective results. As well as Daomo, information, elastic sponge pad with the three is also essential.
To make a good knife mold, there are some information after the die will occur after the size of variation. But also the need for tooling plant to understand the characteristics of the material, and then develop the appropriate processing technology.
Peak knife can both cut thin paper and can cut thick paper, both can be used in a single automatic die-cutting machine, but also can be used in the same time die two or three paper hand-die-cutting machine, the use of a wide range. But if the user's products are single, Die Cutting Machine and are thin cardboard, such as cigarette factory, long-term die less than 400 grams of the thickness of the cigarette, then the proposed selection of dwarf knife, because these plants are usually used automatic die-cutting machine, Sheet paper die cutting, fast, the number of large, dwarf knife can be satisfied. For longer versions of the more durable requirements, due to the dwarf knife knife blade stiffness higher than the peak, so bear the pressure is more chaotic, durable more durable.