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There Are Several Reasons Why Paper Breaks When Automatic Die Cutting Machine Is Used

Jul 20, 2017

There are several reasons why paper breaks when Automatic Die Cutting Machine is used

In the process of using Automatic Die Cutting Machine, we often encounter the problem of the broken box! These problems can bring us a lot of trouble! When the problem is serious, it can directly affect the progress of our production! And that leads to a very, very reluctant outcome. There are many reasons for the failure of the carton. We need to be patient to analyze and find the root cause, which can be quickly solved without affecting our production schedule.

Automatic Die Cutting Machine paper broken for a reason - automatic die cutting knife or saw out of the small mouth

1. The small opening is not in the direction of the paper movement, and the left and right sides are too much.

2. The small mouth does not stick to the inside of the product box or fold in the inside part.

3, the paper has broken holes, and not walking on the die cutting version of paper on the direction of the die cutting knife to open a small hole, results in a waste paper fell in the hole on the steel plate, was dragged into the indentation line, form a crease parts break goods.

4. When the paper is thinner, the paper is stronger and the opening is excessive, deep and wide;

5. If the box side of the product box is flat, the opening should be more, deeper and wider, if the box side of the product box is hooked, because the edge of the paper and the products will check each other, opening can be less, shallow and narrow.

6, the faster the machine work, from the stop moulding orientation when they pull out of the high acceleration, pull too big, too little the point on the image, opening is too little, too shallow and narrow, leading to broken.

The reason for the broken paper - the strip on the template

Usually the glue stick on the blade is glued to the sides of the cutter, used for each die cut, and then the paper is shot from the die.

When the tape is damaged by the die cutter; The height is less than the height of the die cutting knife. The cut piece of paper will stick to the die cutting knife, and now the ramble will be repeated; It only causes the paper to break up. In addition, the article not self-adhesive, and selects the craft to post, mistaking adhesive strip in appearance, under the pressure of big will stick to the paper paper, therefore, to view the replacement on the strip.

The reason for the broken paper three - die-cutting machine is too much pressure

When the die-cutting pressure is too big, or some pressure is too large, the deep knife mark will be pressed on the steel plate, which will hook the cutting of the paper, causing the paper to crack and break. Generally we adjust the paper pressure, will solve this kind of problem, even.

The reason for the broken piece of paper -- from the indentation mold

The storage time of the carton is too long, the storage is improper, and the resulting indentation is not very good. A suitable amount of talcum powder;

The indentation mode is not smooth, and the indentation mode is caused by the intrusion of the dust of the paper in the molding process. The paper is broken and the paper is broken.

The reason for the broken paper is five - die - cutting machine

In the process of Automatic Die Cutting Machine, the paper thickness changes greatly, resulting in the loss of elasticity of the paper teeth, unable to hold the paper, and the single paper tooth is too large for the paper and the paper is broken. Should adjust the paper teeth in time to make the paper pull evenly.