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The Work Of The Manual Die Cutting Machine Can Improve The Efficiency

Oct 24, 2017

The work of the Manual Die Cutting Machine can improve the efficiency
Manual Die Cutting Machine die-cutting process is the packaging and decoration after finishing an important process, the original use of PYQ series of Manual Die Cutting Machine. The equipment in the operational safety there are serious risks. Because it is in the production process to be manually sent paper, prone to work accidents; and because of its operation up a match like a tiger's mouth, people gave it a nickname - "slot machine." Although the current production of "slot machine" in the safety linkage performance has been greatly improved, but still can not put an end to industrial accidents.
With the implementation of the new "Labor Contract Law", the enterprise labor costs are further increased. At the same time, because the PYQ series "slot machine" work efficiency is low, there is a dimensional error between the die-cutting version, the consistency of the product is also affected. In the case of
With the wine, food enterprises after the packaging process gradually transformed into automated assembly line, the uniformity of the packaging size requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the packaging and decoration printing enterprises in the bulk packaging after processing, switch to advanced Manual Die Cutting Machine is imperative.
It is not only an efficient, safe, high-quality die-cutting equipment, but also a "slot machine" replacement products, by the majority of packaging Printing enterprises of all ages. The extensive application of this equipment and broad market prospects, has attracted a lot of equipment manufacturing enterprises. At present, China's Manual Die Cutting Machine has become a complete series of varieties, in technology also reached a high level.
In order to improve the efficiency of fully automatic die-cutting die-cutting machine, product quality, in the die-cutting equipment for technological transformation at the same time, die-cutting template row knife should also be technological transformation. Devaluation is the laser row knife technology. In the postpress equipment, the development of Manual Die Cutting Machine is relatively mature, and die-cutting machine supporting the use of tooling tools, die-cutting plate making machine, multi-function molding machine and CNC machete and other equipment manufacturers are in production Kind of die-cutting method has been in China to become large, medium-volume printing and packaging products die-cutting process of the mainstream equipment.
The working part of both the stage and the cutting mechanism of the Manual Die Cutting Machine is cylindrical. When working, the paper feed roller conveys the paperboard between the platen roller and the pressure roller, Roller for die-cutting, die-cutting drum rotation a week, is a working cycle. As the Manual Die Cutting Machine work roller continuous rotation, so its production efficiency is the highest of all types of die-cutting machine. But die-cutting version to bend into the surface, the plate is more trouble, the cost is relatively high, technically have some difficulty. Therefore, the Manual Die Cutting Machine is often used in mass production.
Manual Die Cutting Machine die-cutting method, generally divided into two kinds of cutting method and soft cutting method. Hard cut method refers to the die when the knife and the pressure roller surface hard contact, so die cutter is easier to wear. Soft cutting method is in the pressure roller surface covered with a layer of engineering plastics, die cutting, the cutter can have a certain amount of cut, so that both can protect the cutter, but also to ensure complete cut off, but the need to regularly replace the plastic layer.