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The Reason And Problem Of Die Cutting Machine Is Not Smooth

Jul 20, 2017

The reason and problem of Die Cutting Machine is not smooth

Die Cutting Machine in the work, easily cause the paper to lose the smooth! There are many reasons for this. It is mainly paper deformation, the surface of print is too smooth or caused by other mechanical problems.

Paper distortion causes failure of paper

Paper processing is usually the last step in printing. Because paper after many working procedure, can produce certain deformation, if you want to again after high temperature and high pressure glazing and laminating, then the paper deformation is more serious, this would be easy to appear the papers cannot fast, smooth paper feida paper often cannot smoothly.

Difficulty in conveying paper products caused by mechanical failure of Die Cutting Machine

Not all paper delivery failure is caused by issues paper, Die Cutting Machine fault can be a big part of the reason such as: insufficient feida suction nozzle, the suction pile, distance on the location of the plane is not appropriate, rules may result in inaccurate mechanical reasons such as paper of transport is not smooth. For example, it may cause a deviation in the process of conveying paper. As long as the machine maintenance work and the adjustment of the mechanical parts of the machine will avoid the difficulties caused by mechanical failure

The Die Cutting Machine is too smooth on the surface of the printed matter

After the paper is coated in the film, because the surface of the paper is too smooth, it may also be difficult to lose paper. How can we get rid of these two situations when the Die Cutting Machine appears in both cases? Problem solution: paper paper ready before work, such as: loading paper, add wedge stability live in paper, paper is not smooth, you need to use the right tools to pave, ensure the integrity of a paper. In addition, the reduction of the speed of the Die Cutting Machine can also avoid the problem of the upper wall surface.

The reason for the speed difference: when the Die Cutting Machine is too much pressure, the cardboard will slow down at the speed of transmission, and the speed of the upper and lower rods will produce a quick difference. When the corrugated board has just entered the die cutting, the die-cutting pressure begins to pressurize, and the whole speed is still uniform as the cardboard has just entered, so the first piece of cardboard is correct. Because of the long time pressure of the cardboard, the rotation speed of the upper and lower rods changes, so the cardboard size of the tail changes, which leads to the difference of the top and bottom roll.

The size of the size of the carton is changed when the length of the molds is changed, so when the die is worn too much, it must be ground or replaced to ensure the precision of the die cut. It can be seen that in the process of die-cutting, the selection of Die Cutting Machine pad is very important, and the life and quality should be taken into consideration when buying Die Cutting Machine pad. The faster the die - cut cushion wear, the greater the chance of accuracy error. Therefore, the cutting pressure should be reduced as far as possible in the operation, so that the die and the life of the rubber cushion should be better.