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The New Generation Of Die Cutting Machine Gradually Becomes Intelligent

Jul 11, 2017

The new generation of Die Cutting Machine gradually becomes intelligent

The research and development of domestic automatic Die Cutting Machine and its production have entered the stage of industrial development. Enhancing competitiveness in innovation is the key to realizing industrial upgrading and new horizons. In general, the development direction of Die Cutting Machine is as follows

Automation is smart and digital

On the one hand, the printing industry profits decline again and again, on the other hand. Beginning in 2008, with the formal implementation of the "labor contract law", and constantly improve printing enterprise human resources costs rise ceaselessly, make saving auxiliary operation time has become YinChang die-cutting stamping equipment must consider the question. As a result, the data communication between multiple programmable controller intelligent operation LCD display the man-machine dialogue digital servo holographic foil surface tension control, hot stamping hologram mechanical precision manufacturing technology will be continuously applied to a new generation of Die Cutting Machine. Die-cutting indentation printing and finishing printing and printing are the indispensable links in the digital process of printing

Couplets are cut

As a printing surface finishing processing technology, fully automatic Die Cutting Machine equipment will be able to and digital printing equipment production line and make personalized processing and on-demand processing with high speed, high precision, high efficiency, short cycle, low cost and other advantages. The wire circle pressure circle Die Cutting Machine is more efficient but the die cutting tool manufacturing and grinding cost is extremely high single cycle is long so applies only to varieties, batch quantity is big, the location is very close to the die cutting pressure bump or indentation edge products. On-line relatively flat Die Cutting Machine is more flexible and economical

The die cutting is not the terminator of other die-cutting methods, but the different characteristics of the product are further added to the options of the Die Cutting Machine

3. Magnetic die cutting

Developed countries in Europe and the magnetic die-cutting with its technical sophistication, the advantages of the use of flexibility, high precision in the non-drying label, mould label, box has been quite widely used in die cutting processing particularly suitable for small batch, many orders of convertor for processing. With the trend of personalized consumption, the proportion of flexible printing will become higher and higher as consumers' awareness of environmental protection is strengthened. It is estimated that in 2010, the flexographic printing will make up about one in 10 domestic products, which will enable the round die-cutting mode to obtain more applications and further expand the application market of magnetic die-cutting technology

Laser digital etching

Developed countries began to develop new laser digital die-cutting technology in the early 1970s. Over the past 30 years, the continuous improvement of the processing speed and the continuous expansion of the processing speed have become more and more evident. Because there is no need for the mold to write the program laser beam can be cut by the program. Therefore, the shape and depth of Die Cutting Machine can be decided and changed at the last minute before processing. It is not only accurate but also compensable for printing and post-processing error: the efficiency of high processing speed can be matched with the speed of digital printing to form online production. Laser etching no trace on the material after the pressure processing, easy to pressure sensitive type of trademark dissection; Drum to the mandrel laser etching processing system can also be repeated batch processing is repeated by laser beam in the design information of BianChengHua discontinuous processing not only can be used in the traditional trademark, self-adhesive label, and CARDS of die cutting can also relief sculpture, and other abnormal hole and latent image effect which has the function of anti-counterfeiting die cutting. In general, laser digital etching has great potential for development

5. Humanization, safety and environmental protection

At present, most factories in China are able to design and manufacture according to European requirements, but such protective measures are inconvenient for the users of the equipment to operate or adjust. How to ensure the safety of machine user, can be connected with the world safety standard, can improve the operation of the product, will be the new project of the new model cutting machine industry design

In addition, it is also a problem to try to reduce the noise,Die Cutting Machine energy consumption and environmental protection of domestic Die Cutting Machine.