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The Most High-end Manual Die Cutting Machine Is A Cost-effective Equipment

Oct 12, 2017

To know how to choose a cost-effective most suitable for the current situation of the company's Manual Die Cutting Machine is the most high-end Manual Die Cutting Machine.
Select the appropriate grade of Manual Die Cutting Machine, if you need to buy medium and low-grade Manual Die Cutting Machine is clearly purchased domestic machine If you need to buy high-end Manual Die Cutting Machine should be the production tasks, the ability to withstand the accuracy of products, cost-effective machine stability Sex and reliability and after-sales service, such as a comprehensive analysis of the best selection of procurement options.
For just the small business enterprises, label enterprises. Due to the small capital, the product market is limited. It is recommended to choose low-priced domestic semi-automatic vertical Manual Die Cutting Machine or semi-automatic die-cutting dual-use machine; for medium-sized packaging enterprises, if the main die-cutting mid-range product quality varieties,
Large batch of large-scale purchase of domestic mid-range automatic Manual Die Cutting Machine for large and medium-sized packaging enterprises, if the product quality requirements, bulk recommended to buy high-grade automatic Manual Die Cutting Machine. If the funds are quite strong, the quality requirements are high, the product is stable and the batch is quite large. From the long-term development of enterprises to consider the purchase of imported advanced models is a good choice.
Flattening automatic hot stamping manual die cutting machine to reduce the accuracy of printing detection, in most cases because the chain over its life and longer due. In order to restore the accuracy of the equipment, the replacement of the chain is naturally the easiest way, but this is not the most economical way to change the chain replacement and maintenance costs of the hot stamping die, especially the hot stamping die.
Automatic paper feeding machine according to the way the paper can be divided into three kinds: intermittent, continuous and variable transmission paper. At present, the domestic and foreign widely used Manual Die Cutting Machine continuous feeding method, that is, before the paper and the back piece of paper always overlap with some of this way paper feeding smooth, high speed.
At the same die cutting speed, assuming that the paper has the same settling time at the front, the intermittent feed speed is much faster than the continuous feed speed. Feeding speed to speed up the paper by the forward regulation will have a greater impact, easy to cause the paper bounce or curl, resulting in positioning are not allowed, the accuracy is reduced.
In the case of equal feed speed, Manual Die Cutting Machine intermittent feeding than the continuous feeding of the positioning time is much less, there will be paper in the pre-regulation, lateral regulation of the instability of the problem, the same will cause accuracy reduce.
If you want to make intermittent feeding paper has enough paper stability, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the machine, Manual Die Cutting Machine to reduce the die-cutting capacity. Therefore, intermittent feeding is generally used only for small size and low speed machines, while continuous feeding is mostly used for large size and high speed machines.
In recent years, high-speed Manual Die Cutting Machine began to use variable speed feeding mode. Manual Die Cutting Machine with continuous feeding paper is basically the same principle, but on this basis, increased the paper transmission mechanism.
If the average speed of the Manual Die Cutting Machine is equal, the shift feed is the same as the continuous feeding time, but the speed of the shift feed will change periodically at each feed pitch. In the paper before the arrival of the rules, the lowest feeding speed, paper impact is small, accurate positioning, which will help improve the die cutting speed and accuracy.