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The Future Development Trend Of Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Sep 13, 2017

The future development trend of Automatic Die Cutting Machine
  On the development trend of Automatic Die Cutting Machine, many people use automation, intelligent and multi-functional to describe, but in fact nothing more is toward the high-end continuous development. Multi-programmable control between the programmable data, LCD intelligent operation display, human-machine dialogue, optical fiber sensor detection cursor, digital servo, holographic aluminum foil surface tension control, hot stamping holographic machinery precision manufacturing technology, etc. are The future will be applied to the aspects. Of course, this is just about the die-cutting function, high-end Automatic Die Cutting Machine products require bronzing and automatic waste integration, so that from the paper, die-cutting bronzing to the top and bottom fit waste, take the paper cut all automatically.
   Digital information technology continues to use, the current printing technology has entered the digital information age, the same digital information technology has gradually applied to die-cutting equipment. Automatic Die Cutting Machine digital channels are mainly two kinds of explanation. One is the digital interface technology, that is, JDF technology in the Automatic Die Cutting Machine on the requirements, mainly for data information acceptance and feedback; the other can be interpreted as a version of die-cutting, that is, by the prepress system direct control of the text data Cutting head, the printing of the die, to adapt to the short version of the personalized die-cutting activities.
   In the technical development at the same time, but also equipment has a stable and reliable performance, because the application of Automatic Die Cutting Machine has been gradually involved in a variety of printing and packaging products. Specific to each type of equipment, there will be such a trend: round pressure die die cut into a large number of printing and packaging the best way of die-cutting, although the device has been used in the flexographic printing production line, Corrugated printing slotted Automatic Die Cutting Machine, rotary stickers trademark printing presses, gravure printing die-cutting, etc. connection printing and packaging equipment, but it should have a wider range of use; Automatic Die Cutting Machine, automatic die cutting machine Gradually replace the semi-automatic die-cutting die-cutting machine market, which is because the latter in the production capacity, the operator's labor intensity and safety has a lot of deficiencies; efficient rotation satellite printing presses and flexographic printing press production and sales will Increase; all paper large format sheetfed presses will be vigorously developed in our country, and ranking the world advanced level.
  At present, the Automatic Die Cutting Machine enterprises to obtain competitive advantage, the role of technology is more and more important, the process of globalization in today's world is accelerating, technological development of new technological revolution is taking place, the speed of technological innovation and technology to spread the speed greatly accelerated, Innovation ability has become the main source of the core competitiveness of Automatic Die Cutting Machine. Which makes the Automatic Die Cutting Machine products and services contained in the knowledge and technology content is also getting higher and higher, product production and service delivery process of knowledge and technology content is getting higher and higher, the competition between enterprises more and more evolved into To the technological innovation ability as the core of the innovation ability of competition.
  Analysis of a large number of Automatic Die Cutting Machine enterprise technology innovation case will find that although the successful technological innovation story after another, but the failure of the case is also common. Successful technological innovation can bring significant competitive advantage and huge economic benefits to the enterprise, and the failure of technological innovation may bring heavy losses to the enterprise.
 Automatic Die Cutting Machine product design characteristics are as follows.
  1. To stress functional utility: pay attention to the use of Automatic Die Cutting Machine is to determine the merits of the main factors,
  2. To adapt to ergonomics: because the Automatic Die Cutting Machine products are for people to use, so to stress with the human body, such as the appropriate size, ease of operation and the use of comfort,
  3. To be able to show the characteristics of the material: the same product, in the use of different materials to create shaking, it should be based on the characteristics of the material, Bin to its different design modeling and structure.
  4. To consider the production process: because the Automatic Die Cutting Machine production stresses a large number of, so the design process should also strive to economic efficiency.