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The Daily Use Of The Flute Laminating Machine

Jun 16, 2017

The daily use of the Flute Laminating Machine

Common problems of Flute Laminating Machine complex

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We all know that machinery and equipment in our lives widely used in our lives occupy a very important position. There are many types of machinery and equipment, different areas have different mechanical equipment applications, flute complex machine as a mechanical equipment in the film, paper products, the application of a wide range of applications. However, the flute complex machine complex machine will be faulted, the following Flute Laminating Machine machine manufacturers give us a brief introduction to its common problems.

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Flute complex machine complex is now widely used in our lives, but the flute complex machine complex machine will also have some common problems. 1) Coater transmission parts wear: flute complex machine in the course of the operation of the transmission parts often wear problems, such as coating machine dryer head wear, roll roller bearing chamber wear and so on. The traditional repair methods are surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating, etc., but there are some drawbacks: surfacing will make the parts surface to a high temperature, resulting in deformation or cracks, serious also lead to fracture of the shaft; Not too thick, and serious pollution, the application has also been limited. With the development of technology, the current solution to the above problems can be used polymer composite materials, which are more mature application of the United States and China technical system. Material with good adhesion and compressive strength, can be removed from the site repair coating machine wear.

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With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more high-tech products into the market, very popular with everyone's favorite and love. Flute complex machine as one of the equipment, in our lives play a very important role. But in order to be able to extend the service life of the equipment, we must regularly maintenance Oh.

The type of Flute Laminating Machine is divided into cloth glue point laminating machine and multi-function glue point transfer complex, etc., the similarities between them is the production of clothing fabrics and fabric for the composite aspects, the difference is the different models used in the production of clothing Different ways. For the use of flute complex machine, it has a more than the traditional laminating machine to achieve the effect is more significant.