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Starch Strengthening Agent / Use with Surface Sizing Agent

Apr 21, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: JYJH

  • Producing Flow: Paper Processing Chemicals

  • Purity: 98%

  • Usage: Paper Chemicals

  • Appearance: White Powder

  • Trademark: JYJH

  • Origin: Shandong

  • Kind: Sizing Agent

  • Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent

  • Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)

  • pH: 6~8

  • Specification: SGS ISOProduct Description

Product Description
This product is widely used in corrugated paper, packaging paper, etc., with less obvious enhancement effect, increase the corrugated ring crush strength, tension, corrugated paper is an important aid.

First, the product physical and chemical indicators:
Appearance: White powder;
Main content: 98%;
Ion: Cation;
Water solubility: Soluble in cold water;
PH: 6-7.

Second, the product profiles:

Currently, many manufacturers to improve ring crush strength corrugated paper, are used to add a lot of starch surface sizing methods, but because of the soaring price of starch greater the amount of starch, the higher the cost, while the ring crush strength increased range is limited, thus resulting in increased production costs, this product is mainly used to increase the strength of the cardboard, can effectively increase the paper's very hardness, bursting strength, ring crush strength, tension and other physical indicators. Make corrugated ring crush strength increased by 20-30% (increase of 1-2 ring crush index).

Third, the technology conditions:

1. Amount: The amount of surface sizing starch instead of third or fourth recommendation starch, generally recommended dosage is 1-2 kg per ton of paper, but also according to the specific production conditions.

2. Add Location: Usually added to brewed good surface sizing starch mixture, stir conventional surface sizing process can be carried out without changing the original sizing methods.

3. Add method: Weigh a certain amount of dilution with water after a good mixed into gelatinized starch tank, also can be directly applied to dry evenly sprinkle glue, be sure to slowly even thrown.

4. Add order:
(1) Starch + water + Central pressure intensifier warming pasting with glue into the surface sizing → → → on other auxiliaries
(2) adding the starch pasting → → Central pressure intensifier with other additives into the surface sizing → → glue

Fourth, the product performance:

This product was added starch surface sizing, can reduce the amount of starch in place of starch, after adding ring crush strength of paper products can be improved, the general increase in the range of 20-30%, to meet the user wants to improve ring crush strength requirements. Make corrugated paper or paperboard to improve the quality a grade. Reduce the overall cost per ton of finished paper around $ 4.

V. Notes:

During use, the ring crush enhancer to add appropriate, while mixed and dispersed uniformly dissolved in water where the pressure intensifier ring must be used within 2-4 hours, you should use with the distribution.

Six, packaging and storage:
25 kg / bag. Storage period of 12 months.