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starch adhesive

Apr 21, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.:

  • Material: Starch

  • CAS. No: 9049-76-7

  • Solubility: Swelling in Cold Water

  • Viscosity, 5% Water Solution: 400~1800MPa.S

  • Application 1: flute lamianting machines

  • Application 3: honeycombe paperboard making

  • Certification: ISO, SGS

  • Specification: 25kg/bag, Dry powder

  • HS Code: 350520

  • Type: Starch adhesive

  • Name: starch glue powder

  • Appearance: White Powder

  • Moisture: 5%

  • pH: 9-11

  • Application 2: paper tube making

  • Function: Modified, Strengthen

  • Trademark: G&Z

  • Origin: China

Product Description
starch glue powder

Cas No.: 9049-76-7

Used in Tile Adhesive Mortar

1.0  Starch Ether Description:

Starch ether based additives designed for dry mortars in building industry.
A. starch ethers can improve the performance and optimize the workability of dry mortar by modifying the thickness and rheological behavior of varied dry mortars based on cement and gypsum.

B. It can well perform in neutral and alkaline conditions, and it is compatible with other additives in gypsum or cement based building materials, e.g. redispersible polymer like surfactant, MC, starch, PVAC ,etc.

2.0 Starch Ether Features and Benefits

A. Improve sag resistance & anti-resistance
B. Optimize rheological behaviour, particularly the flow characteristics and workability
C. Enhance adhesion strength
D. Increase mortar yield
E. Cost-effective. Obtain desired thickening effect with very low dosage.

3.0 Starch Ether Application:

A. Dry cement and gypsum based mortars
B. Tile adhesives
C. Joint filler and crack filler
D. Tile Glue Mortar

4.0  Recommended Dosage:
0.01~0.05% of mortar materials

5.0 Starch Ether Specification:

Namestarch glue powder
AppearanceWhite or light-yellow powder
SolubilitySwelling in cold water
Moisture≤ 5%
Viscosity, 5% water solution400~1800mPa.s
Ph, 3.5% water solution9-11
Particle Size≥98% 80 mesh

6.0 Starch Ether Package & Storage
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry environment
Shelf life: 24 months after production


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