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Select Superior Quality Automatic Die Cutting Machine Technology

Jul 11, 2017

Select superior quality Automatic Die Cutting Machine technology

How to be able to choose the quality equipment is a problem, the following also have professional personnel to explain below.

Now fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine is full of all kinds of different models, but how to choose a suitable one is the most critical. Hengfei offers you the following four points for your reference.

First, be sure to take a look at the sales manufacturer, is not a big manufacturer must have a high quality products, but most of the time scale that has a certain economic strength and production ability, the company more to get people's trust and recognition, more at ease to consumer psychology. Therefore, when the experts advise customers to choose the manufacturers, it is important to take a look at the size of the manufacturer and learn more about it.

Secondly, to understand the quality and characteristics of fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine, the most important thing for the industry is to need a high-quality equipment, which can serve the industry for a long time. Therefore, customers must take a look at the quality of fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine when choosing, and the quality can reduce many troubles and prolong the service life.

Third, select suitable industry Automatic Die Cutting Machine. There are many different models of the device now, and different models have different capabilities, and different industries have different requirements for equipment. Be sure to use the intent and the environment before choosing, depending on the situation.

Automatic Die Cutting Machine can process the metal of many different materials. In recent years, Automatic Die Cutting Machine has begun to develop gradually. The advantage of Automatic Die Cutting Machine is introduced in this paper.

Automatic Die Cutting Machine mainly using laser heat energy to high die cutting plate depth ablation knife seam formation, the slotted collimation, slit width is consistent, fully automated operation, low cost, high efficiency, is the best choice to replace traditional making die cutting plate, cutting, cutting model can be used for carton, therefore they are widely used in packaging industry.

The advantage of Automatic Die Cutting Machine is:

High quality and high precision: Automatic Die Cutting Machine is fully automatic laser cutting, no vibration deviation, high precision and stability. Its making die cutting plate is controlled by computer, the accuracy of plus or minus 0 05 mm, and not be restricted by graphics complexity, so cut out multigang on both sides of the plates, heterotypic plates and no noise die cutting plate manufactured goods is very beautiful.

2, the high speed, high efficiency, Automatic Die Cutting Machine has large, the advantages of non-contact, making die cutting plate more than 1 times faster than the sawing machine processing way, short production cycle, low labor costs, high production efficiency.

3. Simple and easy to use: the cutting tool joint design can be completed on the computer, and the parameters of various blade joints are automatically generated based on software. Therefore, the easy learning of Automatic Die Cutting Machine reduces the impact on the normal operation of the enterprise due to the loss of skilled workers.

4, repeatable processing: as the Automatic Die Cutting Machine can store computer cutting program, so when the mass production need many the same die cutting board, then only need to bring up the program for cutting, can be repeated processing.