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Rotary Die-cutting

Mar 08, 2017

Rotary technology of mould plate with curved wood, roller knife making, production, molded drum rotation, high production efficiency, product precision die-cutting could be within ± 1mm, also has simple operation, safe and reliable, the advantages of using long, but its overall cost is big. Because it is scrolling through the die cutter corrugated cardboard die-cut at the same time, high strength requirements of die-cutting tool, knife mould making difficult and cost, suitable for high volume production and processing. Two cut into hard law and soft law, the main difference lies in cutting material is a hard steel of the drum roll, a soft plastic. Hard cuts refers to the die-cut die cutting knife with a surface of pressure roller in rigid and die-cutting tool wear more easily, edge. Soft cutting method is cutting drum surface is covered with a layer of plastic, die-cutting, cutting tool can have a certain amount of cut, which protects the cutter, cut off and guarantee, but the need to replace the plastic layer on a regular basis, otherwise it will because of inconsistent speed led die-cut size is not accurate.