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Purchasing Problems Rotary Die-cutting Machine

Mar 08, 2017

Rotary die-cutting machine is through a pair of rollers on the principle implemented in a high-speed die-cut. Choose a qualified Rotary has three key issues must be grasped. First of all the main configuration of the equipment, and the second is the raw material used in manufacturing equipment and precision, and the third is a system of professional services. From the 1th to start, device configuration will be decided after the equipment used in advanced, practical, and reliable. Rotary die-cutting machine is made up of three parts, die-cutting, feed, electrical control Department of the Ministry. Die-cut, currently used are soft, soft machine means roll mat with a layer of high-strength polyurethane rubber sleeve. Mostly favorable and protect service life of die cutter. Because China cannot produce the high strength polyurethane rubber sleeve, so most of them are imports of the United States or Taiwan. This price is very expensive, as a very expensive normal consumable, equipment configuration must be to protect and extend the life of rubber sleeve body. Usually configured to show as "soft-roll automatic repair".