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Method Of Excavating Die - Cutting Product Waste By Die Cutting Machine

Jun 23, 2017

Method of Excavating Die - cutting Product Waste by Die Cutting Machine
With the continuous development of China's economy, the industrial industry which is the most widely used die-cutting machine, do not know the staff engaged in this work, the use of die-cutting machine when there is no attention to some small details, such as mold Cutting machine on the die-cutting products should be how to deal with the waste? If you are not very understanding of the user, then you can see the staff of Had wins is how to introduce die-cutting machine on the cutting of cutting products:
1, blowing waste: the mold base in a pneumatic blowing and vacuum suction device, with the pressure of gas blowing hole waste.
2, shrapnel waste: set in the mold base outside the shrapnel, in the process of cutting material after the material pulling the use of elasticity of the elastic material will be spilled out of waste, waste collection in the waste box, pay attention to point: This waste method is applicable to some Base rubber products and non-adhesive materials but thick thickness of the product.
3, oblique row method: for small products, from the type of small, thick material or product shape special products.
3, excretion of waste materials: This method of material with a certain demand, and the top of the waste products must be off the type, this method can be in the machine or in the die-cutting machine can be modified to achieve Request, round knife can be carried out directly.
The die-cutting process is the most commonly used process for packaging prints, that is, the use of die-cutting knives according to product design requirements of the combination of patterns into a die-cutting version, under pressure, the printed matter or other plate blanks rolled into the desired shape or Cut the molding process. Die cutting machine indentation process is the use of crimping knife or crimping die, and then through the role of pressure in the sheet on the out of the wire marks, or the use of roller in the board according to the predetermined location of bending forming. The equipment is usually die-cutting indentation process is the die cutter and crimping knife in the same template, and in the die-cutting machine at the same time die-cutting and indentation process, referred to as die-cutting.
Die-cutting machine of the process: the indentation of the equipment of the main process for the version → adjust the pressure → determine the rules → paste the material accessories → test die-cutting → formal die-cutting indentation → clean → finished winding or cutting Into pieces → points packaging. Equipment die-cutting process has also been more and more favored by the printing business and attention, because it has adapted to the future processing of post-processing mechanization, linkage and automation requirements, so that people can press the need for molding and printing machinery Even into a production line, and to achieve online operations, but also can effectively reduce the labor demand, shorten the process and reduce the loss of the process, which can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and get more profits.
Die-cutting machine for the time being to introduce the first here, die-cutting machine application of a wide range of special, mainly for the corresponding non-metallic materials, stickers, EVA, double-sided adhesive, electronics, cell phone pads, etc. (Die, semi-broken), indentation and bronzing operations, paste, automatic waste, die-cutting machine using steel knife, metal mold, steel (or steel carved into a template).