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Manual Die Cutting Machine Unique Hot Start Technology

Sep 04, 2017

Manual Die Cutting Machine unique hot start technology
Manual Die Cutting Machine unique hot start technology, in order to make the middle and fine parts of the performance of more natural, Manual Die Cutting Machine on the independent research and development of ultra-fine toner has been improved. And can be applied to a variety of paper, color performance is more gentle, better reproducibility. At the same time Sharp developed than the original particle diameter smaller carrier, you can make the image color uniform. Can clearly restore the gradient color and halftone, reproduce the fruit and other items of gloss.
GDI driver is often said that the host-based driver, that is, the use of computer rather than the printer's memory resources and processing power to print tasks, the computer side to complete the conversion process of printing raster bitmap, the printer directly imaging. Requires the printer and the computer directly connected, not suitable for network print jobs, does not support network servers, shared devices, tape devices and interference communication equipment connection.
Manual Die Cutting Machine unique hot start technology, you save the warm-up time, turn on the power to start work. Using Canon integrated cartridge supplies, replacement operation is simple, greatly reduce the daily maintenance costs. Size, such as briefcase size, small and save space, whether large companies or small companies, no matter what kind of occasions, can be easily used, fast and convenient.
Manual Die Cutting Machine Surface grinding machine table reciprocating hydraulic drive system. The hydraulic pump 3 is rotated by an electric motor and sucked from the oil tank 1, and the oil is introduced into the hydraulic pump through the oil filter 2, and the pressure sleeve is outputted by the hydraulic pump. Plastic large material, the coating machine when the plastic deformation of a larger, easy to produce BUE. Plasticity of small pieces of higher hardness of the material, resulting in the possibility of BUE and the height of the chip is relatively small. Cutting brittle materials generally do not have plastic deformation, the formation of broken chips do not flow through the rake face, so generally no accumulation of tumor.
Dry Manual Die Cutting Machine tension control can cause film curl, film roll wrinkles, bagging difficulties, peel strength decreased, bag deformation and a series of problems. The setting of the tension is determined by the type of the substrate, the width, the thickness, the environment and the temperature and humidity of the oven. There are three types of anilox webs, namely, tapered, prismatic and oblique. The oblique line is used for high precision transferability of poor adhesive coating. Dry type compound, the common is the tapered and pyramid type of anilox roller.
Manual Die Cutting Machine multi-layer adhesive roller can be a number of multi-layer material of the paste, waste discharge work, the material of the tension by the magnetic powder tension controller control, waste and rewinding by the servo control, Touch screen adjustment, can be intuitive and precise adjustment of its tension, speed, and has a power to maintain the function, thereby reducing the repeated adjustment of the cumbersome work to ensure that the smoothness of the material fit, each group can be individually adjusted on the rubber roller, Under the roller pressure, clearance, easy to use and easy to operate.
Manual Die Cutting Machine need to glue or ink substances evenly adhere to the aluminum foil, plastic film or fabric textile surface, the coating process requirements are relatively high, not only requires a high degree of uniform coating and to be able to achieve high-speed non-stop changing to improve production efficiency The
Manual Die Cutting Machine with short ink ink system for ink, roll material printing, gravure printing presses high, gravure plate length, plate making expensive, suitable for large quantities of label production. The use of gravure printing machine production of self-adhesive label graphic fine, rich layers, film labels are mostly volume to volume printing, the need for volatile dry ink. Offset printing can be printed thick plastic materials, suitable for large quantities of printing.