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Manual Die Cutting Machine Technical Points

Aug 11, 2017

Manual Die Cutting Machine technical points
The Manual Die Cutting Machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy operation and replacement of die-cutting indentation plate, but the labor intensity is large, the production efficiency is low, the number of times per minute is 20 times to 30 times, Mass production. Horizontal flat pressure flat Manual Die Cutting Machine version of the platform and platen surface were horizontal position, the following pressure plate by the mechanism to press up to the plate and die-cutting indentation. As the horizontal Manual Die Cutting Machine press the smaller travel, with manual into or remove the cardboard is more difficult, it is usually with automatic paper feeding system, the overall structure and sheet-fed offset press is similar to the machine from the cardboard Automatic input system, die-cutting part, cardboard output part and electrical control, mechanical transmission and other components, and some also with automatic cleaning device. Horizontal flat pressure Manual Die Cutting Machine safe and reliable work, its automation and production efficiency are relatively high, is flat pressure flat Manual Die Cutting Machine in the advanced models.
1, Manual Die Cutting Machine die-cutting plate, if the shape of the complex or arranged a lot of live parts, and die-cutting point is very small, very few, it is easy to cause die-cutting when the version. At this point should be appropriate to increase the number of points, if possible, should be the length of the length of the workpiece and the direction of the paper to keep consistent.
2, if the die-cutting version of the elastic tape (or sponge) is too soft, can not play the paper, will also cause loose version. At this time should use high hardness, good elasticity of high-quality elastic tape (or sponge).
3, the pressure row is too early to start an important reason for the release version. After the die-cutting, when the moving platform is down, although the paper has been elastic tape (sponge) from the knife line, but because the elastic tape (sponge) is generally higher than the knife line 2 to 3 mm, this time if the gripper Start the movement, it will be due to elastic tape (sponge) will still press the paper on the die-cutting floor and easy to tear the paper caused by loose version. At this point should be loose intermittent mechanism and the main shaft of the coupling sleeve to adjust, so that the moving platform from the top dead point down 7 to 8 mm (corrugated die cutting should be 10 to 15 mm), the pressure row began to move.
The principle and application of Manual Die Cutting Machine Pang Chunhua With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers in the purchase of goods, in addition to the inherent quality of goods, the packaging of goods also made a higher demand Which includes the design of the packaging of goods, but also the quality of packaging and postpress processing requirements. Die-cutting indentation is an important production process after finishing, suitable for all kinds of printed surface finishing processing, die-cutting quality directly affects the image of the entire product market, so only to master the traditional die-cutting indentation technology and The new die-cutting technology research and development, in order to effectively enhance the competitiveness of printing enterprises. Die-cutting indentation technology is based on the model indentation and die-pressing two kinds of processing technology, collectively, the principle is in the mold within the mold, by applying the pressure of the size of the printing carrier paper force parts of the compression deformation or Is broken apart. Die cutting indentation equipment (referred to as Manual Die Cutting Machine) is the main machine is die-cutting plate and die-cutting institutions. The sheet is processed between the two is in the pressure under the effect of finishing the finishing of finishing technology. Die-cutting indentation plate has different types and corresponding cutting mechanism, so that the Manual Die Cutting Machine is divided into three types: flat pressure type, round pressure type and round pressure circle type.
And flat pressure flat Manual Die Cutting Machine and because of the version of the plate and the direction of the different positions of different, can be divided into vertical and horizontal two. Flattening the Manual Die Cutting Machine This Manual Die Cutting Machine version of the platform and the shape of the cutting mechanism are flat, when the platform and the platen of the plane in the vertical position for the vertical flat pressure Manual Die Cutting Machine. Manual Die Cutting Machine at work, the pressure plate by the pressure to the plate and the plate pressure. Press the plate movement trajectory can be divided into two categories: one is the pressure plate around the fixed hinge swing, so at the beginning of the moment of molding, platen surface and the template between a certain tilt angle, so that the cutting cut earlier cut into the lower part of the cardboard , Which is likely to cause the lower part of the die-cutting plate pressure and the upper part of the phenomenon is not completely cut through. In addition, the force of the die-cutting pressure also causes the lateral displacement of the cardboard. Another pressure plate movement mechanism Manual Die Cutting Machine in the work, the pressure plate in the connecting rod, driven by the cylindrical roller as the fulcrum, in the base of the flat rail swing, until the work surface of the pressure plate from the tilt to the mold Version of the parallel position, and then to the parallel way to the die-cutting die.