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How To Troubleshoot A Manual Die Cutting Machine

Jul 11, 2017

How to troubleshoot a Manual Die Cutting Machine

The lubrication maintenance of Manual Die Cutting Machine is divided into daily insurance, weekly insurance and monthly insurance. The following table: maintenance machine must be done by every operator. Because the machine is not well maintained, it will increase the maintenance cost and enterprise expenses. Second, there are great damage to the machine, which can shorten the service life of the machine. The three influence operation, delay production. Machine failures must affect the operator's mood and delivery deadlines. Therefore, the dongguan weishida precision machinery co., ltd. suggests that you should eliminate the machine as soon as possible.

The following are the common failures of Manual Die Cutting Machine. On the mechanical side, the common fault of Manual Die Cutting Machine is platform pressure. In this case, it is often used to drag the two wedge-shaped positions under the shaft, and at the same time, rotate the platform to the upper limit point.

At this time, the relative position of the net platform is detected and the distance between the four angles of the mobile platform and the upper cleaning platform (the place of the die cutting board) is guaranteed, so that the problem can be solved.

Electrical failure: due to Manual Die Cutting Machine center control system USES a programmable logic controller (PLC), the main testing point electrical switch and output in view, and its internal PLC ladder logic diagram. Therefore, when problems arise in the electrical field, the maintenance personnel should first understand its trapezoid logic diagram, thus determining and locating the cause of the failure, so that the problem will be solved quickly. Whether it is automatic or semi-automatic flat hand moving Manual Die Cutting Machine machine, professional personnel should be used for refueling and maintenance. The structure and performance of the machine must be understood so that a machine can be maintained.

With the rapid development of industry, Manual Die Cutting Machine, as an important equipment in industrial production, has gradually developed towards automation, intellectualization and multi-functionalization. But although many users know what Manual Die Cutting Machine, but opponents working principle of die cutting machine does not understand, and understand the Manual Die Cutting Machine working principle can help us better to use it.

Manual Die Cutting Machine working principle is to use steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or the steel plate carved into the template), through the pressure plate of a certain pressure, to print or cardboard rolled into a certain shape. If the whole product is cut into a single graphic product called die cutting; If the steel wire is used to press the marks on the printing marks or to leave the indentation marks as the indentation; If use two pieces of the template, Yin and Yang to mould, until heated to a definite temperature in the printing quality on the surface of hot stamping out a body design or font called bronzing effect, if use a base material compound called joint on another base material; Excluding the other parts of the main products are called exhaust, which can be collectively referred to as Manual Die Cutting Machine technology.

Die cutting technology is the most commonly used to the process of packaging printing, die cutting machine tool is manually according to the requirements of the product design pattern combination ChengMo cutting plate, under the action of stress, to print or other ring billet rolling cut into the required shape or cut marks of molding process, the indentation process is to use line pressing knife or line pressing die, pressure line mark through pressure effect on the sheet, or use of rolling wheel in plate bending forming according to predetermined location.