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How To Look At The Effect Of Die Cutting Machine

Sep 04, 2017

How to look at the effect of Die Cutting Machine
Die Cutting Machines and all-in-one belong to the MFP category, many people think that speed is their most intuitive difference, but this is not the difference between the two prices the most important factor. To find out the biggest difference between Die Cutting Machine and one machine, we must first understand their development history. Die Cutting Machine is the digital copying machine, and one machine is the printer, scanner integration. Therefore, the leading manufacturer of Die Cutting Machine is Fuji Xerox, Ricoh set, set the corresponding business operations can be completed automatically. If the workflow is properly used, the efficiency of this transaction through the Die Cutting Machine will be several times the efficiency of the machine. As for the control function, it is the enterprise standard equipment use, reduce the cost of daily office effective means, Konica Minolta, Sharp and other manufacturers, and one of the leading manufacturers are Canon, HP, Epson, brothers and other manufacturers.
1. Main drive structure: the main drive using AC variable frequency vector control, coating roller and hot drum synchronization using swing arm control tight loose. Features: Make sure the bake film is tight
2. Discharge structure: one, two, group discharge using photoelectric correction of double discharge device, unwinding by manual tension control, composite membrane discharge using photoelectric correction manual tension control
3. Adhesive mechanism: Anilox roller through the scraper for the amount of glue, thick plastic blade can be adjusted, the roller with double cylinder boost, the pressure can be adjusted, and equipped with a shutdown coating can automatically rise
4. Bunker body: bake temperature four intelligent energy control device control, the internal circulation device, care roller and hot drum synchronous operation.
5. Composite hot drum and pressure roller structure: the heat of the composite hot drum heating through the hot oil, so that the hot drum heating uniform power, pressure roller pressure with double cylinder, the pressure can be adjusted. Features: Power saving
6. Receiving structure: the use of intermittent feeding device, winding torque motor receipt
7. Oven bow type, into the wind by centrifugal fan feed. Equipped with suction exhaust system.
Solvent-free high-speed dry Die Cutting Machine HWY-1350M often set up to facilitate the rapid change of the sleeve system, ready to work very short time to shorten whether it is a small order, still, the big order can ease a lot.
The basis for sending fax messages is as follows: Make sure the fax light is on. Frequency conversion torque controller and taper tension controller is a control of magnetic powder brake or electromagnetic clutch or motor torque forward advanced instrument, its function is the primary feature is the use of pulse width modulation system to control the output voltage to reduce the drive power loss and Thermal drift effect, enhanced instrument life.
In the long run, this new bio-based plastic can be used not only in high-speed dry Die Cutting Machine built-in parts, but also for the production of flame retardant parts of the high demand to replace the traditional petroleum-based plastic. At present, followed by real estate and construction industries such as warming, the model has also been widely used, the market prospect is broad. Install copy paper to set copy function) Press "Start" button to start copying 20. In this system, the PLC is responsible for all actions to restrain, collect a specific frequency inverter, start and stop control, interlock with a variety of actions, etc. 10 tips to quickly solve the copier jam failure 10 tips to quickly solve the copier card Paper fault [2] 10 tips to quickly solve the copier jam problem [3] believe that each person who used the copier city hit a paper jam this failure, it should be said that the accidental jams in the copy process is unavoidable, but if Is frequent cardboard, mechanical failure of the fame, maintenance needs.