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How To Choose The Right Automatic Die Cutting Machine?

Aug 11, 2017

How to choose the right Automatic Die Cutting Machine?
 In recent years, the new energy industry has led to the development of related industries, the manufacture of lithium batteries related equipment needs are also growing, but the basic technology of high-end equipment in Europe and the United States and South Korea hands, excessive dependence on imports greatly increased the burden on the country, New energy development pace, in order to change this passive situation, the state strongly support the major well-known die-cutting equipment manufacturers R & D innovation. Dongguan Hongbao, billion Xinfeng first introduced a new generation of intelligent, high-speed, high precision, large format Automatic Die Cutting Machine, and finally broke the long-term monopoly of foreign investment situation, then the major domestic manufacturers have launched their own products, Domestic Automatic Die Cutting Machine has been basically replaced by the import, various types, various grades of Automatic Die Cutting Machine, for enterprises to buy a great convenience also makes it difficult to choose. So how should you choose a suitable for their own Automatic Die Cutting Machine? This question we have consulted a number of industry veteran die-cutting engineers, summed up the main consideration should be the following five points:
1. Enterprise needs, that is, the grade and category of materials, specifications, quality, volume, etc., select the appropriate models can not only help enterprises to better capture the market, but also for the further development of enterprises to lay a good foundation.
2. own strength. Can withstand the financial pressure. Focus on the cost of the machine as far as possible to choose cost-effective machines.
3. The immediate needs of enterprises and long-term development planning and as much as possible to take into account both.
4. The supply of spare parts, personnel training after-sales service convenience and timeliness.
5. Die-cutting die cutter and other die-cutting equipment supporting the purchase.
In addition to the above 5 points, there are other factors that also need to be considered, such as Automatic Die Cutting Machine injection mechanism and the receiving body, the main drive system, positioning system, intermittent mechanism, pressure agencies, waste institutions. Understanding the characteristics and performance of these structures is critical to finalizing the model. Although the higher the die cutting speed and accuracy, the more features, the greater the die-cutting pressure, the higher the degree of automation, the better the Automatic Die Cutting Machine, but the purchase key is suitable for business and product needs.
Automatic Die Cutting Machine in the way of cutting mode
 1. Installation and readiness
Automatic Die Cutting Machine used in different die-cutting methods, installation and readiness of the time is also great. If sorted by time, the entity punching the shortest, followed by the plate punching, followed by the physical pressure cut, and finally the paper pressure cut.
In general, punching the way the installation time is relatively short, the technology is not complicated, the machine adjustment is also very small, suitable for ordinary staff to use. Squeeze more complex, requiring the operator has a wealth of professional experience and a high degree of work proficiency.
 2. working speed
In general, the rotary table installation and debugging, then the work speed is extremely fast. But the general novice are willing to use the kind of slower drum-type die-cutting, and the use of this die-cutting method to go through a stripping paper separation process, which is commonly known as the funnel machine.
Several Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Automatic Die Cutting Machine
1. Cut speed: automatic automatic die cutting machine cut speed is very fast, compared to the previous die-cutting machine in the speed above has been improved several times, cutting speed is the guarantee of the efficiency of the entire die-cutting machine;
2. Feeding size and height: With the development of the design process, Automatic Die Cutting Machine feeding size and height of the continuous improvement, to die more different types of cardboard products;
3. Feeding method: the traditional feeding method is used to carry the conveyor belt, the new type of pen is used in automatic paper suction technology, automatic paper suction technology can do paper fast, accurate and so on;
4. Die-cutting machine stability: Now the die-cutting machine technology is more mature, die cutting speed and accuracy have been very stable, so the Automatic Die Cutting Machine's overall stability has been done very well.