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How To Choose The Appropriate Die-cutting Version Of Die Cutting Machine

Oct 12, 2017

Die Cutting Machine indentation generated burst line and dark line:
The reason for this is that the bursting of the equipment is due to the excessive pressure of the indentation of the Die Cutting Machine, which has exceeded the bearing limit of the paper fiber and causes the paper fiber to break or partially break; and the dark line means the indentation line , Generally due to Die Cutting Machine and indentation steel wire selection is not appropriate, improper adjustment of die-cutting pressure, poor paper quality, paper fiber direction and Die Cutting Machine row direction is inconsistent, low paper moisture caused by decreased flexibility and other reasons The problem.
Solution: Die Cutting Machine to select the appropriate die-cutting version; and also appropriate to adjust the die-cutting pressure; in the equipment before the die cutting machine to be printed before the first place in the workshop for a period of time; must improve the workshop environment Relative humidity. The better way to change is to reduce the height of the indentation of the steel wire, but also to reduce the height is usually 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, according to the specific quantitative determination of paper, and quantitative in the 350g / m2 paper to reduce the indentation of paper Line height of 0.2mm, and quantitative in the 350g / m2 below the paper should be reduced by 0.1mm.
Domestic flat pressure Die Cutting Machine in some aspects and the world's advanced level has been quite close, but in speed, accuracy, especially in the machine stability, reliability, there is a certain gap. In the automatic cutting machine technical indicators, Die Cutting Machine speed and accuracy is an important technical indicators, the speed directly reflects the production efficiency, precision marks the product quality. Increasing the speed while improving the speed is a more difficult problem for postpress equipment.
Variable speed feed and accurate positioning:
Automatic paper feeding machine according to the way the paper can be divided into three kinds: intermittent, continuous and variable transmission paper. At present, the domestic and foreign widely used continuous feeding method, that is, before the paper and the back piece of paper always overlap with some of this way, Die Cutting Machine paper feeding smooth, high speed. At the same die cutting speed, assuming that the paper has the same settling time at the front, the intermittent feed speed is much faster than the continuous feed speed. Feeding speed to speed up the paper by the forward regulation will have a greater impact, easy to cause the paper bounce or curl, resulting in positioning are not allowed, the accuracy is reduced. In the case of equal feeding speed, intermittent feeding than the continuous feeding of the positioning time is much less, there will be paper in the pre-regulation, lateral regulation of the instability of the problem, the same will lead to reduced accuracy. If you want to make intermittent feeding paper has sufficient paper stability, it is necessary to reduce the speed of Die Cutting Machine, thereby reducing the die-cutting capacity. Therefore, intermittent feeding is generally used only for small size and low speed machines, while continuous feeding is mostly used for large size and high speed machines.
In recent years, high-speed Die Cutting Machine began to use variable speed feeding mode. Variable feed and continuous feeding of the working principle is basically the same, but on this basis, increased the paper transmission mechanism. If the average feed speed is equal, the speed feed is the same as the continuous feeding time, but the speed of the shift feed will change periodically at each feed pitch. In the paper before the arrival of the rules Die Cutting Machine , the lowest feeding speed, paper impact is small, accurate positioning, which will help improve the die cutting speed and accuracy.