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Domestic Automatic Die Cutting Machine Competition Situation And Market Space

Nov 06, 2017

Domestic Automatic Die Cutting Machine competition situation and market space
Domestic Automatic Die Cutting Machine R & D and production into the industrial development platform, enhance innovation in innovation is to achieve industrial upgrading, the key to a new realm.
Currently. Domestic Automatic Die Cutting Machine R & D and production into the industrial development platform. Strengthen cooperation with domestic and international printing machine giants or form extensive strategic alliances with related industrial chains, enhance competitiveness in innovation, stabilize and expand the domestic market, expand the international middle and low-end markets and seize the domestic and international high-end and market segments It will be the key to breaking through the platform period, upgrading the industry and going to a new stage.
Automatic Die Cutting Machine is a general term for die-cutting equipment. Die-cutting, including press indentation by model and die pressing press two kinds of post-press processing technology, with steel knives, steel wire (or steel carved into a template). Apply some pressure through the platen. Will print or cardboard rolling into a certain shape. Among them, the product will be pressed into a single graphic product known as the mold using steel wire in the print out of the mark on the product or leave a crease groove crease called indentation (indentation marks called steel wire, the industry often Mistaken for postganglionic); use of yin and yang two templates, printed on the surface of the product with a three-dimensional effect of the pattern known as bump imprint. Automatic Die Cutting Machine is mainly used in paper packaging and decorating industries in the trademark cartons, greeting cards and other die-cutting indentation and cold pressing operations, but also for book printing production.
Over the years, China's printing machinery manufacturing industry, especially India has made great strides in progress, of which, stamping and stamping equipment like a printer in the field of bright pearl, from the initial almost single vertical flat-pressing Automatic Die Cutting Machine , To introduce imitation, and then to independent research and development. And gradually have the ability to innovate and have their own intellectual property. In recent years. Intelligent Automatic Die Cutting Machine automatically discarded Automatic Die Cutting Machine, vertical and horizontal two-way to send foil, holographic positioning hot stamping element silver foil hot stamping and other new high-end equipment have been published. Not only impressive in the domestic market, some products also enter the international market. Homemade printing machinery exports precedent: the manufacturer also by the "South Asia and Asia. North Jade India" military confrontation, entered the crowded period. Faced with changes in domestic and international market demand and die-cutting equipment manufacturing industry competition. The development of the entire Automatic Die Cutting Machine industry, facing the expansion of the industrial upgrading and market re-positioning problems.
to this end. First, we should understand the industry trends. Overall. The following directions of development should arouse the industry's attention.
Automation intelligent, digital. On the one hand, profits in the printing industry have been declining again and again. on the other hand. Beginning in 2008. With the formal implementation of the "Labor Contract Law" and its continuous improvement, the cost of human resources in printing enterprises has been continuously raised. This has led to the saving of operating hours for assisting manufacturers in printing and Automatic Die Cutting Machine. Therefore, the data communication between multiple programmable controllers LCD intelligent operation display man-machine dialogue digital servo holographic aluminum foil surface tension control, stamping holographic mechanical precision manufacturing technology will continue to use a new generation of die-cutting equipment. Automatic Die Cutting Machine and other post-press embossed printing and prepress together to become an indispensable part of digital printing process.
Online die cutting As the printing surface finishing process, die-cutting equipment and digital printing equipment will be able to form a production line and personalized processing and on-demand processing with high-speed, high precision, high efficiency, short cycle, low cost and other advantages. One line round pressure Automatic Die Cutting Machine is more efficient but due to the high cost of die-cutting tool manufacturing and grinding cycle length is therefore only applies to a single species, large batch size, the position of the embossment is very close to die cutting or indentation Side of the product. Relatively flat-line Automatic Die Cutting Machine more flexibility and economy.