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Discussion On The Factors Of Manual Die Cutting Machine Die

Aug 02, 2017

Discussion on the Factors of Manual Die Cutting Machine Die
1, Manual Die Cutting Machine die-cutting plate, if the shape of the complex or arranged a lot of live parts, and die-cutting point is very small, very few, it is easy to cause die-cutting when the version. At this point should be appropriate to increase the number of points, if possible, should be the length of the length of the workpiece and the direction of the paper to keep consistent.
2, if the die-cutting version of the elastic tape (or sponge) is too soft, can not play the paper, will also cause loose version. At this time should use high hardness, good elasticity of high-quality elastic tape (or sponge).
3, the pressure row is too early to start an important reason for the release version. After the die-cutting, when the moving platform is down, although the paper has been elastic tape (sponge) from the knife line, but because the elastic tape (sponge) is generally higher than the knife line 2 to 3 mm, this time if the gripper Start the movement, it will be due to elastic tape (sponge) will still press the paper on the die-cutting floor and easy to tear the paper caused by loose version. At this point should be loose intermittent mechanism and the main shaft of the coupling sleeve to adjust, so that the moving platform from the top dead point down 7 to 8 mm (corrugated die cutting should be 10 to 15 mm), the pressure row began to move.
  How to choose to high-quality equipment is a problem, the following also have professionals to explain the following.
    Now a wide range of Manual Die Cutting Machine, a variety of models are very much, but how to choose a suitable for their own is the most critical. Heng Fei to provide you with the following four points as a reference.
    First, we must look at the sales of manufacturers, not the size of the manufacturers must have a high quality products, but many times the scale of the company has a certain economic strength and production strength, such companies are more able to get people's trust and Recognition, to the consumer psychology more at ease. So the experts recommend the choice of manufacturers when the manufacturers still have to look at the size of the size of the manufacturers, a detailed look at what.
    Second, to understand the quality and characteristics of Manual Die Cutting Machine, as the industry is concerned, the most important thing is the need for a quality of the highest quality equipment, long-term services for the development of the industry down. So customers in the choice of time must take a look at the quality of Manual Die Cutting Machine, high-quality quality can reduce a lot of trouble, to extend the service life.
    Third, select the industry for the Manual Die Cutting Machine. Now there are many types of equipment, and different models have different functional performance, different industries on the equipment needs are different. In the choice must be clear before using the intention and use of the environment, according to the actual situation to choose.
China's Manual Die Cutting Machine development status In many post-India equipment varieties, China's Manual Die Cutting Machine product technology and industrialization has reached a high level, the main signs in the following aspects: First, Manual Die Cutting Machine Imports are declining and exports are on the rise. According to customs statistics: imports of molded molding equipment in 2002 461, 25.219 million US dollars; imports in 2004 455 units, 26.028 million US dollars; 2004 1 to 3 quarter imports of 213 units, 17.151 million US dollars; is expected to import trends throughout the year decline. Exports in 2007 765 units, 1086.1 million US dollars; exports in 2003 1066 units, 13.893 million US dollars; 2004 1 to 3 quarter exports 958 units, 15.591 million US dollars, is expected to export throughout the year last year. Second, the basic types of Manual Die Cutting Machine to meet the domestic printing and packaging industry's production needs. China has been able to manufacture, including automatic pressure flat Manual Die Cutting Machine, such as trademark Manual Die Cutting Machine, stickers trademark Manual Die Cutting Machine, round pressure round Manual Die Cutting Machine, round pressure Manual Die Cutting Machine, Die-cutting indentation machine (Tiger mouth Manual Die Cutting Machine) and other products, in recent years, has been able to manufacture linkage line die-cutting units, such as: flexographic printing presses, gravure printing presses, stickers printing presses, corrugated printing Slot machines and other equipment die-cutting unit. Third, the manufacture of automatic and semi-automatic Manual Die Cutting Machine has more than 20 enterprises.