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Discussion Of The Die-cutting Machine Tool Maintenance

Mar 08, 2017

Tool maintenance upkeep level and second-level maintenance die maintenance. Mould level maintenance refers to the operator in the production of moulds and daily maintenance of main content dry cleaning, lubrication, and inspection. Mold two-level maintenance refers to according to the mould technology and complexity in the place of regular system maintenance to the mold. Mold level maintenance: 1, when die maintenance, a, die before clearing the upper and lower surfaces of the mold, and sure mounting surface and press table surface against crushing and mold top and bottom mounting surfaces parallelism in production. B, mold packed the mold opening, mold cleaning clean the parts, especially the steering mechanism and mould on the surface, wipe the surface cleaning in order to ensure the quality of products. All sliding parts of the mold lubrication grease coating. Mold parts inspection, especially Security. Such as safety pins, safety screws, side boards, punch scrap road and so on.