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Die-cutting Machine Is Often A Problem How To Solve

Mar 08, 2017

Is open even in the die-cutting blade out of the width of the little lucky second, in carton die-cutting process and waste locally connected together, no more spread out in the die cutting process. Originally from operators to open even with own grinding tools, so have a lot of disadvantages, such as: link is not the same size: open even when the cutting blade deformation. Several manufacturers have used open even now. To open even for five cattle company in Sichuan province as an example, its working principle is based on the thickness of the paper wine packaging, using a variety of grinding wheel cutting blade out of the thickness of even the point. It even points out the size uniformity, not hurt the knife, moderate depth. Typically quantitatively to 200-250g/square meters of paper use 0.3mm grinding wheel, grinding wheel 0.4mm the paper of 250-350g/square, mounted on cardboard or corrugated cardboard with 0.8mm grinding wheel. Even the point size, should open the hidden place of the box publishing dynamic, so as not to affect the appearance.