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Determine The Quality Of Manual Die Cutting Machine Four Aspects Of Good Or Bad

Jul 03, 2017

Determine the quality of Manual Die Cutting Machine four aspects of good or bad
First, look
In addition to the external parts of the chassis will be the basic color, according to customer demand. Look at the appearance of not only look at the surface layer, need to see the internal, such as: cylinder, chassis, table; In particular, by hand to touch the pressure plate, you can check out the difference between the new machine and the old machine.
Second, the sound
Sound not only can distinguish the quality of the Manual Die Cutting Machine, but also to confirm whether the new machine. In the general clear under the new machine is no noise, even more than 10 years is also very little, only when the motor energy is exhausted when the abnormal sound, if the issue of rust to prove that the machine has a problem.
Third, the electrical control box
Manual Die Cutting Machine electrical control box to open the general do not need a key, you can readily open to check the internal circuit inside the chassis is normal or tidy, the material is normal to see.
Fourth, test machine
Test machine this work is very important, can wear their own materials to the factory test machine, ① can detect the operation is flexible; ② can detect the production efficiency of Manual Die Cutting Machine; ③ can be detected after the punching of the product quality and so on.
There are many factors that affect the pressure of a Manual Die Cutting Machine:
 1. The length of the steel knife, the longer the total length of the product, the greater the resistance of the mold, the greater the pressure required.
 2. The thickness and hardness of the product, Manual Die Cutting Machine in the cut off the cardboard and the cardboard plastic deformation caused by the greater the need for indentation
 3. Steel knife pad of the strip hardness and area, Manual Die Cutting Machine should be based on the thickness of the cardboard to choose the appropriate hardness of the strip design, and the strip needs to be too wide, it is best to cut into small pieces, The sides of the knife, which can reduce the pressure required for die cutting.
 1. Select the color order type. The color of the type of GCR and ECR are two, GCR for the gray component instead, ECR for the background removed, it is recommended to use GCR form.
 2. To determine the Manual Die Cutting Machine black version of the tone curve, when the image of the gray component is less, usually the trademark Manual Die Cutting Machine set the black version of the black version. If the image is high saturation, high contrast art photography, black version can be set to short contrast contrast black version, if the image of the gray component of the majority of long-term use of Manual Die Cutting Machine black version.
 3. Black version of the largest constraints of different types of originals should have different values, 70% to 90% can be, commonly used is 85%.
 4. The total ink volume on behalf of the four-color network cable and the maximum value, such as coated paper offset, desirable 330% to 380%, while the newsprint was about 260%.
 5. Trademark Manual Die Cutting Machine background color gain value of the main increase in the dark tone of the value, if the original dark tone level, then the value can be increased, otherwise the smaller the better.