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Common Faults And Handling In Die-cut Indentation

Mar 08, 2017

(1) die cutting and creasing positions inaccurate. Failure reason is # location does not match printed products; cells die-cutting and printing not; cardboard in its rules; die-cutting action in the feed location not; operation Board deformation or stretching, misregister. Solutions based on product requirements, recalibrate templates, printing and die-cutting; adjust the die-cut paper positioning rules, make it consistent feed location; for the cause of the failure, reduce printing and material effects of defects on cutting quality. (2) die-cut edge only. Due to bad quality of steel, the blade is not sharp, die-cutting and putting bad; steel blade wear, not replaced in time machine enough pressure; die-cutting pressure adjustment, improper handling steel pad of paper, die-cutting pressures do not apply. Methods are different according to the die-cut cardboard performance, choose different qualities of steel and improve their die-cutting and putting; always check the steel blade and wear, the timely replacement of the kitchen knives; increase die-cutting machine-cutting pressure; adjust the steel pressure again and replace the pad of paper.