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China's Die Cutting Machine Level Is Now In A High Position

Aug 02, 2017

China's Die Cutting Machine level is now in a high position
 In the printing of the follow-up equipment, Die Cutting Machine occupies a very important position, our country from the beginning of the research and development, and even so far, in the country have occupied a very important position, we can say: China's Die Cutting Machine level is now Relatively high position.
    The main performance in the following aspects:
    First, the imports of Die Cutting Machine fell, exports continue to increase. According to the customs accounting: 1 to 3 quarter of 2004 imports only 213 units, 17.151 million US dollars; estimated annual import trend is declining. 2003 exports 1066 units, 13.893 million US dollars; 2004 1 to 3 quarter exports 958 units, 15.591 million US dollars, the annual export will be estimated over the previous year.
   Second, the varieties of Die Cutting Machine to meet the domestic production of packaging industry packaging needs. Domestic can now manufacture, including automatic flat pressure Die Cutting Machine, including trademark Die Cutting Machine, stickers trademark Die Cutting Machine, round pressure Die Cutting Machine, round pressure Die Cutting Machine, Machine (tiger mouth Die Cutting Machine) and other products, is now available on the linkage line die-cutting units, such as: flexible version of the printer, gravure printers, stickers printers, corrugated paper slot machines and other equipment die-cutting unit.
   Third, the manufacture of automatic and semi-automatic Die Cutting Machine company has more than 20. Trademark Die Cutting Machine has a number of companies in the production. Production of flat pressure Die Cutting Machine (Tiger mouth Die Cutting Machine) is even more numerous companies. On the current development of the status quo, both in the depth of high-end Die Cutting Machine R & D technology in the ongoing in-depth study, in the breadth of China's Die Cutting Machine to start work is booming.
      Compared with similar products in China, its advantages are: applicability is more extensive, both die-cutting processing corrugated, but also die-cutting processing cardboard, flexible and convenient operation, stable performance, packaging, color printing business trusted postpress equipment The
       Blowing line refers to the product in the flat pressure Die Cutting Machine die cutting or product folding, indentation at the paper crack. This is often a problem in die cutting, especially in the climate monotonous situation, often attack. Should be based on specific circumstances specific analysis:
    1. Paper crisp, low water content, especially through high temperature polished paper, die-cutting when the explosive line. At this time, in the die before the first paper humidity, can be used to water the paper to the poor water, add its water content, so that the level of slightly flexible, and then Die Cutting Machine. Die-cutting if the box when the burst line, can be wiped in the crease to reduce the burst line conditions.
    2. Print the appearance of a large area of blue or black and other dark color field, die-cut after the explosive color, burst line. When printing, add or add ink additive in dark ink to enhance the adhesion of the ink on the paper, reduce the burst color, burst line appearance.
    3. Paper (board) thickness is too large, the brief attack line, at the moment die-cut steel wire height selection to be reasonable.
    4. Steel plate after the paper after the explosive line, at the moment should be thin pad paper.
    5. Die Cutting Machine pressure is too large when the explosive line, at the moment should reduce the pressure, so that the waste side just off.
    6. indentation mold or the end of the paper too thick, indentation narrow, explosive line. Should use the appropriate thickness of the indentation die, indentation width to moderate.
    7. Cut off the accumulation of paper powder in the slot of the explosive line. Operators should promptly eradicate clean paper, foreign matter and so on.