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Box Stitching Machine In The Clothing Industry Everywhere Blossom

Aug 22, 2017

Box Stitching Machine in the clothing industry everywhere blossom

As a new processing method in the 21st century, the Box Stitching Machine has been widely used in the Pearl River Delta and even the national textile and garment industry because of its precision, fast operation, simple operation, high automation and intelligence.

(A) clothing Box Stitching Machine embroidery, car flowers

At present, according to time statistics 80% of the textile and apparel fabrics can be used to produce a variety of digital box Box Stitching Machine. The traditional textile fabric production process requires the later grinding, hot flower, embossing and other processing, and Box Stitching Machine burning in this area has a convenient production, fast, flexible graphics, image clarity, three-dimensional sense of strong enough to surface The texture of a variety of fabrics texture, as well as the advantages of often new and so on. If combined with hollow technology is the finishing touch, complement each other. Clothing fabrics and clothing model embroidery for: textile fabrics finishing processing plants, fabric deep processing plants, garment factories, surface materials and processing enterprises.

(2) cowboy image model car flowers, embroidery

Through the Box Stitching Machine CNC model of laser irradiation, vaporized denim fabric surface of the dyes, so that in a variety of denim fabric to produce no fade of the image patterns, gradient flower, the cat to be frosted and other effects, for the cowboy fashion has added a new Pretty point. Box Stitching Machine jeans processing is a new, rich processing profits and market space processing projects, very suitable for denim garment factory, washing plant, processing and other enterprises and individuals for the value of deep processing of cowboy products.

(C) fabric Box Stitching Machine standard flowers, embroidery

Box Stitching Machine technology in the fabric industry is also widely used. The advantage of the Box Stitching Machine is that it can quickly engrave and hollow out all kinds of fabrics on various fabrics, and the operation is flexible, without any deformation of the leather surface to reflect the color and texture of the leather itself. It is more with high precision engraving, hollow without edge, any selection and other advantages, suitable for uppers, shoe materials, leather goods, handbags, luggage, leather and other processing needs of the manufacturer.

   Box Stitching Machine is the model equipment connected to the model carving software, artwork input automatic engraving mode of operation. At present, the Box Stitching Machine is the most mature technology, the most widely used technology. With this technique, any complex graphics can be engraved. Can be hollow and do not penetrate the blind groove carving, which carved out of different shades, different texture, with a sense of layering and transition color effects of a variety of magical patterns. With these advantages, model carving to meet the new trend of international garment processing.

With the successful development of model engraving technology, corrugated box packaging plate, and gradually apply the model carving technology. In fact, corrugated box packaging is divided into two categories, one is the sales package, the other is the transport packaging. Sales of packaging are generally within the packaging, in the sales process to meet with consumers, such as toothpaste, soap, cigarettes. Transport packaging is generally outside the packaging, such as: Zhengxiang toothpaste, soap, cigarettes, packaging, basically in the sales process and not to meet the consumer, its main role is to facilitate storage and transportation. In addition, air conditioning, color TV, refrigerator, rice cooker between the two is the transport packaging is the sales of packaging, printing requirements in about 60 lines, transport packaging are generally about 40 lines, sales of packaging in more than 80 lines are color offset. According to the relevant departments of statistics, more than 90% of our cartons are transport packaging, the vast majority of the use of carton printing equipment production.

Box Stitching Machine is the world's high-tech products, products, light, mechanical and electrical integration of high technical content. Box Stitching Machine with efficient fast, accurate, clear automatic engraving function. A Box Stitching Machine output power is only 900W, practice has proved that the model plus energy is energy-saving processing, environmental protection processing. Model automatic engraving plate, can reach 40 lines -60 line printing effect, hand-made in the 40-line below. Model engraving plate completely replace the manual carving plate. Due to the low cost of model engraving plates, only a quarter of the cost of resin plates. At present, the carton industry commonly used model carving plate and resin version, as printed corrugated packaging. The use of model processing equipment on the market more, resin version generally use BASF and TDR plate.