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Automatic Carton Ink Flexographic Printing Machine (YD flexo)

Aug 19, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: YDST1224

  • Automatic Grade: Automatic

  • Printing Units: Customized

  • Oversea Installation: Available

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Package: Seaworthy Packaging

  • OEM/ODM: Yes

  • Specification: ISO 9001

  • HS Code: 8441309000

  • Type: Automatic Carton Making Machine

  • Model No.: 1224

  • Format: Customized

  • Delivery: 40 Days After Receipt of Payment

  • Certificate: CE ISO9001

  • Terms of Payment: 30% by T/T in Advance,Balance Before Shipment

  • Trademark: YING DONG

  • Origin: China 

    Product Description

    Automatic Carton Ink flexographic Printing Machine(YD flexo) 


    1,   German servo motor front edge feeder,top print complete vacuum delivery
    2,   Die-Cutting unit have adjust steel model,have both function for special carton die cutting and normal carton slotting.
    3,   The de-dusting device can substandtially remove the dust and dirt from the printing surface of the sheets and enhance the printing qualtiy
    4,   Automatic zero-setting and automatic restting,order memory.
    5,   All the main transmission gears are made by from high quality steel through heat treatment and grinding.

    Optional : 

    Servo motor: German Bosch Rexroth
    Ceramics Anilox Roller:Hai Li Changzhou
    Doctor Blade : Danmark
    Anvil cover:American CUE

    Integral machine:

    -----Machine adopts PLC program control, the drive to adjust the phase body, touch screen and button dual system operation; Controllable roller intelligent automatic landing, the Indian version scrub the memory reset automatically, personalized Qi paper, fixed to complete the Auto Standby function.
    ----Main drive gear made of high quality alloy steel (20CrMnTi), by program-controlled carburizing and quenching, grinding treatment, the accuracy can be achieved six high hardness, high-precision gears (tooth surface hardness HRC58-62

    -----Touch-screen display setting value, the control plate of each group and the position of the adjustment slot knives; Can set the production rate, and a count and prompts.
    - Pull the paper delivery round of self-locking quick transfer function, avoid the destruction of the screw fastening devices operating on the roller and a great inconvenience.

    -----Application of free connection device, eliminating the gap generated by the traditional connection to maintain long-term precision printing chromatic.
    -Gearing body splash with spray devices; Lubrication system automatically cycles and installation of seepage oil bodies.
    The units used between the cylinder lock and locking machine with a strong self-locking mechanism, to ensure the stability of the unit.

    Feeding Unit:
    ·Lead edge feeder system adopts frequency conversion adjustment air and vacuum pressure, to ensure the paper is more stable and accurate. It's suitable for different board sizes and curved board.
    ·The rear bracket control front and back electrically. Bracket angle adjustment is   convenient, and can be continuous or skip feeding.
    ·Brushes and suction device remove dust from board surface.Ensure the printing effect.
    ·The side baffle plate, the front baffle position of electric control adjustment, side neat paper function.
    ·Double roller feeding structure, quick change type structure of feed roller, feeding more accurate and stable.
    ·The main control computer and labor adjustment of man-machine control system, easy to operate.

    Printing Unit:
    ·The printing phase are controlled on the main console and each unit console with digital display. registering accuracy is ±0.3mm.
    ·Phase position utilizing electromagnetic clutch locking device, automatic reset system.
    ·Scroll type hanging plate device the left and right sides of the lock. Exchanging from is fast and convenient.
    ·Pull roller quick lateral moving mechanism, self-locking gap adjustment device.
    ·Option control model ink saving circle wash system.

    Slotting Unit:
    ·Slotting dimension can be controlled on the main console or each unit console with digital display.
    ·Pre-creaser, creaser, slotting knife holder, self-locking gap adjustment device.
    ·Precision linear slideway, accurate lateral movement with glabrous slotting.
    ·Middle knife motorized moving device, fit for each production.
    ·Spring type single slitting knife with glabrous slitting effect and cost saving.

    Die Cutting Unit:
    ·Die-cutting phase position, electric control gears.
    ·Pneumatic gear gap locking device, the gap adopts electric adjustment.
    ·Rubber roller automatic horizontal moving mechanism, automatic reversing 50mm horizontal moving. Prolong the service life of rubber pad.
    ·America CUE imported rubber pad, easy to exchange and résistance to wear and tear.
    ·Pads grinding trimming mechanism increase the utilization rate of the pad, reduce the consumption.
    · Precision overrunning clutch and speed compensation system, to ensure the die-cutting accuracy, wide scope of compensation.


    Max. mechanic speed(pcs/min)200200200200180
    Max. feeding size(mm)880×20001180×20001180×20001380×24001600×2800
    Min. feeding size(mm)280×650320×750320×750360×750420×750
    Skip feeding(mm)1100×20001500×20001500×24001700x24001900×2800
    Max. printing area(mm)800×20001150×20001150×24001320x24001540×2800
    Max. thickness of board(mm)
    Min. slotting sizeSlotting type L.(mm)160×160×160×160160×160×160×160160×160×160×160160×160×160×160165×165×165×165
    Slotting type L.(mm)240×80×240×80250×90×250×90250×90×250×90280×90×280×90260×90×260×90
    Max. slot depth(mm)250320320320560
    Max. thickness of board(mm)1212121212
    Note:S-Single D-Double T-Three F-Four