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Automatic Flute Laminating Machine Equipment Configuration Components

Jun 16, 2017

Automatic Flute Laminating Machine equipment configuration components

Host: with heating insulation, melting glue, the output glue, control glue pressure, primary filtration and other functions. Host temperature should be controlled at a temperature higher than the melting point of the liquid refinery temperature of 5-10 degrees to make it have a certain mobility. Control is more accurate.

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Hose: with heat insulation, diversion glue role, the liquid hot melt adhesive from the host output to the gun module function. Temperature maintained at a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of glue can be.

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Gun seat: with heat insulation, two filters and glue to the gun body and, if necessary, heating the function of compressed air. Visual glue effect to improve the appropriate temperature. So that liquid fluid better.

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The gun body: with the function of opening and closing glue, and supporting various nozzles and scraping nozzles as needed to meet the needs of users. Spiral gun, coated gun, fiber gun, Z-type gun, Wait.

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Automatic compensation control system: with the output signal control solenoid valve, controlled by the solenoid valve to control the work of the compressed air to control the glue to open and close. And output 0-10V DC voltage control inverter drive the motor rotation. The output voltage is proportional to the measured line speed. Can be adjusted online plastic bit, broken plastic length and tracking voltage. The devices that detect the speed of the production line have proximity switches, rotary encoders, and so on.

Solvent-based and water-based adhesives require an oven (or may be required to be refurbished) when curing, and take up more plant space while increasing plant energy consumption; producing more wastewater and sludge; More stringent requirements; solvent glue is obvious that the shortcomings are very environmentally friendly (most of the harmful solvents). Solvent-based glue on the environment pollution is very serious, with the improvement of people's environmental awareness and the establishment and improvement of relevant laws, solvent-based glue application is a certain rate of decline each year. Water-based glue is poor water resistance, poor electrical characteristics, long drying time, energy consumption and other shortcomings, its application is also a certain rate of decline every year. Automatic flute compound machine has the advantages of stable performance, high raw material utilization rate, high production speed, high yield, small equipment area and small investment, and gradually replace the trend of solvent-based glue.