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Automatic Die Cutting Machine Is How To Improve The Quality Of Die-cutting

Oct 24, 2017

Automatic Die Cutting Machine is how to improve the quality of die-cutting
Automatic Die Cutting Machine is an important equipment for post-press processing to improve labor productivity. It is not only efficient, safe and high-quality die-cutting equipment, but also one of the replacement products, by the majority of packaging and printing business units Favored. So how to improve the Automatic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting quality? Here to come to introduce some of the methods, hoping to help everyone!
1, do not use die-cutting paper-like materials die-cutting die-cutting film materials;
2, Automatic Die Cutting Machine, try to cut the die-cutting area, especially the full version of small labels;
3, Automatic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting pad version to be often replaced, in particular, long processing long live;
4, Automatic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting, Automatic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting strength to be just right;
5, often check the die cutting quality, especially the automatic labeling of the label. To prevent the emergence of large quantities of quality questions.
6, die-cutting large area, messy image label, to the professional manufacturers to create die-cutting version;
7, to adhere to the blade sharp, the establishment of archives, records the use of each die-cutting version of the situation in order to replace the blade in time. To use a small point of view, high hardness of the special blade die-cutting film pressure sensitive adhesive materials, especially PE material.
Automatic Die Cutting Machine is mainly used for paper packaging and decoration industry in the trademark, cartons, greeting cards and other die-cutting, indentation and cold embossed operations, is an important post-packaging processing equipment.
The type of Automatic Die Cutting Machine Automatic Die Cutting Machine according to the different forms of embossing, mainly divided into round pressure circle, round pressure flat, flat pressure three types. According to the form of the template can be divided into vertical and horizontal two. According to the degree of automation manual (semi-automatic) and automatic two. In terms of function, in addition to die-cutting, there are bronzing function, known as hot stamping Automatic Die Cutting Machine, and some with automatic waste function, known as clean Automatic Die Cutting Machine. Round pressure round Automatic Die Cutting Machine is characterized by line contact, die cutting pressure is small, high production efficiency, and offset press, flexo machine, gravure printing machine and other printing equipment connected with the line die cutting, so the scope of application comparison wide.
First of all, the operator should pay attention to dust, clean. In the actual production, die-cutting cartons will produce a lot of waste paper side, paper hair, a little attention will enter the chain drive parts, die-cutting mobile platform and some rotating parts, and may block the photoelectric detection head , Causing failure. Therefore, we must put the Automatic Die Cutting Machine body cleaning work in the first place, and then can ensure that the machine trouble-free operation.
Second, the Automatic Die Cutting Machine oil change. Automatic Die Cutting Machine is the main motor drive the slider, pulley, and then drive four elbow to move, its high-speed work to reach 6000 per hour, if no good lubrication and cooling is very troublesome.
Automatic Die Cutting Machine wide range of applications: can die a variety of shapes of single, double-sided stickers, protective film, gaskets, dust and copper foil and other products, these products are widely used in mobile phones, Handheld computers, digital cameras, audio and other electronic products in the front and rear shell, windows, monitors, microphones, earns, keyboard, battery and other parts and labels, such as India after the die-cutting, especially for multi-layer composite products, Especially obvious.
Automatic Die Cutting Machine flexibility: each axis of the production line can be set as raw material shaft, scrap shaft or finished shaft; start and stop at any time; change the direction of rotation at any time. Cantilever tension sensor removal movement more convenient. The design of the compact die-cutting workstation is more practical than the ordinary printing line; each workstation can change the direction of work or stop working at any time; each die-cutting workstation can manually or automatically adjust the tool registration.