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Automatic Die Cutting Machine Is How To Adjust The Way?

Jul 03, 2017

Automatic Die Cutting Machine is how to adjust the way?
 1, Automatic Die Cutting Machine stroke limit position: stroke upper limit, refers to the pressure plate in the non-working position. The distance between the swing arm and the table can be adjusted by means of a screw device in the column. This distance is related to the height of the knife mold, the thickness of the cutting board, the thickness of the shoe material, and the swing plate after the knife mold can be swung to degrees. But some models through the platen on the small hand wheel and hydraulic device to adjust the upper limit height. The position of the upper limit of the stroke is not very precise, but it is too high to affect the punching efficiency.

2, Automatic Die Cutting Machine stroke limit position: stroke lower limit, refers to the pressure plate will cut the location of the shoe. Adjust the upper limit of the stroke by means of the time relay. When adjusted, the length of the delay time can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material being blanked. But there are some Automatic Die Cutting Machine model is able to pass on the handle on the third block button, according to the hardness of the shoe material and the thickness of the fine stroke, the operation more convenient. Stroke lower limit position than the upper limit of the location of the high accuracy, need to carefully adjust.
Reason 1:
   The pump is empty or damaged; the pump is the core component of the entire system pressurized, the entire system pressurized by the oil pump; so the pump inhalation of air or damage, then the pressure on the system is enormous. General pump suction or damage, then you will see a lot of bubbles in the hydraulic oil, or there will be abnormal sound. The most direct method is to use the pressure gauge directly connected to the oil pump to detect (this method requires auxiliary components).
Solution: replace or repair the pump.
Reason 2:
   Automatic Die Cutting Machine hydraulic valve leakage or damage; hydraulic system in any leakage will affect the establishment of pressure; which leak the most difficult to find the hydraulic valve, the general disclosure of these leaks are mostly difficult to observe the naked eye; there is a simple way Not necessarily have a quasi-but very effective, that is, the workstations up to the top after the shutdown, fancy the table will have a decline, if there is proof of the system leaked out of other joints and other external teeth can be roughly judge the hydraulic valve Whether there is a leak.
Solution: Replace the hydraulic valve.
Reason 3:
   Automatic Die Cutting Machine cylinder seal damage or oil leakage; cylinder seal leak is the most difficult to check, this method requires a certain mechanical basis of technology; method is to remove the rod tubing, pressurized if the oil out of the proof seal leak , Anyway, proved normal.
Workaround: Replace the seal or the cylinder.
Reason 4:
   Automatic Die Cutting Machine external joints or seals oil spills, external oil leakage is more obvious, the general state of static and pressurized state can be observed.
Workaround: Repair the oil spill or replace the parts.
Reason 5:
   Automatic die-cutting oil less or poor quality of oil; this will cause the pump suction or wear in advance.
Solution: Please keep enough oil with the quality of oil, and regularly replace the hydraulic oil.