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Automatic Die Cutting Machine Die-cutting Accuracy Is Not The Problem Is Very Common?

Aug 22, 2017

Automatic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting accuracy is not the problem is very common?

Flat pressing Automatic Die Cutting Machine is through the upper and lower stamping way to advance in accordance with the product drawings to open a good product model stamping into a certain shape, the entire Automatic Die Cutting Machine operating process is driven by the servo motor driven automatic feeding machine , Through the feeding can be completed some of the film action, through the Automatic Die Cutting Machine die-type punch, drained the border of the waste, out into a film can be completed all the process.

Automatic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting accuracy is not high problem is very common. One of the most important criteria for measuring die-cutting quality is the accuracy of die-cutting, which is a number of important guarantees for qualified products. The reason for the failure is very high. The reason why the accuracy of the Automatic Die Cutting Machine is not high:

First, before and after the positioning of the pendulum positioning distance is relatively small. Due to the length of the chain itself, a certain error, such as the positioning distance is too small, then the front and rear positioning can not eliminate some of the chain error, affecting die cutting accuracy. Adjust the position of the pendulum before the adjustment screw or post-positioning pendulum cam position, so that the front and rear positioning frame to divert teeth 2mm ~ 3mm distance is appropriate.

Second, on the die-cutting or die-cutting version of the positioning are not allowed. The machine for a long time will cause die-cutting frame or die-cutting plate on the positioning block wear. Side positioning plate wear is an important factor in the side positioning is not allowed. As the positioning of the dialing is not enough to make up for good wear, it will cause poor positioning side positioning accuracy. Replace the side positioning plate at this time.

Third, the cardboard transfer process, the main drive chain wear and tear elongation, will directly affect the positioning accuracy before die cutting. At this point to replace the chain. Intermittent mechanism wear, resulting in tooth row in the stop or start the process of jitter, will also affect the die cutting accuracy. In this case generally only affect the positioning accuracy, this time, Automatic Die Cutting Machine should be timely maintenance.

Fourth, gripper pressure is too small or uneven. If the gusset's movable tooth elasticity becomes smaller due to long-term use, it will cause the paper to slip or fall off during the transfer process, which will directly affect the die-cutting accuracy. The uneven pressure between the grips may cause the paper to be cut The process of skew. At this time should replace the active teeth. In addition, the fixed teeth in the horizontal height should also be consistent, otherwise it may be in the gripper paper collision or gripper paper wrinkles, affecting the die cutting accuracy.

How to successfully complete the Automatic Die Cutting Machine import action? The problem for foreign-funded enterprises, the reaction is particularly important. Imagine to invest and set up factories in China, must be the introduction of foreign advanced Automatic Die Cutting Machine imports, say a lot of foreigners have a habit, like the use of advanced Automatic Die Cutting Machine imported equipment, second-hand also would rather go all out from abroad Automatic Die Cutting Machine imports, do not have our own production of new machines, which is our domestic machine advanced is not enough, and foreign countries can not be comparable to the Automatic Die Cutting Machine imports. How can I import it? Automatic Die Cutting Machine import logistics supply chain that should be grasp from the following steps:

   First, the election of good goods, set a good way to deal; for the election of good goods, here we do not have to say, and enterprises themselves must know what to import their own Automatic Die Cutting Machine imports, and here the focus is to pay attention to the problem of transactions. In general, many companies will let the seller CIF delivery to Hong Kong, because the seller export procedures and import maritime section due to geographical problems, if the buyer wants to save money to do their own, then certainly more difficult, not to say can not do, trouble.

   Second, looking for Automatic Die Cutting Machine import and export companies, about to visit; Automatic Die Cutting Machine import procedures more trouble, most of the import companies are looking for professional import and export companies to help import customs clearance, so the election of import and export companies is very important The Enterprises can not simply hastily through the phone thing, the goods to the other company, we must find out the premise, and import and export companies to face to face communication to understand. Experience: look at each other's business is good or bad, to see each other's business personnel, character is very important. To see each other on the Automatic Die Cutting Machine import process is clear, can provide a valid and effective proof of the material out. Moreover, the online, or trust friends, peer circle to inquire about the reputation of the company, the credibility is equally important, if a good company certainly depending on the corporate brand for the lifeblood, if even the credibility of the company, that this home Export companies must fail, must not easily choose such a company to cooperate.