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Application Of Die-cutting Machine In The Car

Mar 08, 2017

Damping aluminum foil tape 1, die-cut products, electrical tape die-cut, foam tape seal adhesive products. 2, rear view mirror mirror structure of adhesive tape die-cut products. 3 die-cut products, parts of the special sound-absorbing materials. 4, car monitor LCD, VCD, DVD with die-cut products, transfer tape die-cut products for car parts, all kinds of Interior adhesive tape die-cut products. 5, protection of cushion material die-cutting, sealing tape and other materials die-cut the roof structure. Installed products: the use of double-sided tape, foam tape, transfer tape, plasticizer-resistant double stable tape can reduce fog belt, after Division, die-cut can be used in automotive parts. Such as: instrument panel, lamp shells, decorative objects, real installation is quick, easy, and accurate.