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Analysis On The Development Trend Of Automatic Die Cutting Machine Industry In China

Sep 22, 2017

Analysis on the Development Trend of Automatic Die Cutting Machine Industry in China
 Do you know what is automatic die cutting machine? Automatic Die Cutting Machine industry development trend? Let's go and see! The following for your finishing China's Automatic Die Cutting Machine industry development trend analysis:
  Automatic Die Cutting Machine between the multiple programmable controller data communication; LCD intelligent operation display, human-machine dialogue; the use of optical fiber sensor detection cursor, precise positioning; digital servo; holographic aluminum foil surface tension control; Mechanical precision manufacturing technology will continue to use. In addition to die-cutting, but also required to bronzing and automatic waste.
  From the paper, die-cutting / bronzing, to the next, the next fit / waste, and finally received paper / cut all automatically completed, the user does not require absolute high speed, but requires a stable and reliable. Automatic Die Cutting Machine as India after the packaging of printed materials processing of the main equipment, has been in China to form a different grade, for a variety of printing and packaging products range, variety of equipment family, basically to meet the domestic demand for equipment. Automatic Die Cutting Machine development trend has the following characteristics:
1. Round pressure round wire die cutting will be the best batch printing and packaging products die-cutting method. Has been used for flexographic printing production line, form printing presses, corrugated printing slotted Automatic Die Cutting Machine, rotary stickers trademark printing presses, gravure printing die-cutting production lines, such as connecting printing and packaging equipment. With the development of printing technology, especially the round die cutting drum processing technology to improve the level of circular die cutting application will be more extensive, die cutting the production efficiency will be further improved.
2. With the rapid development of printing and packaging industry, the scale of enterprises has been expanding. Automatic flattening Automatic Die Cutting Machine application market will continue to expand. In contrast, the Automatic Die Cutting Machine sales market will be further reduced, in addition to low productivity, the operator labor intensity and other reasons, the security is poor, prone to the drawbacks of industrial accidents, is the main reason for its downhill. However, due to the scale of China's printing and packaging industry, Automatic Die Cutting Machine the gap between the size of this device will have a certain market, will still play a role.
3. Traditional stickers trademark printing presses manufacturing enterprises. Automatic Die Cutting Machine Production into a difficult period, production and sales decline year by year. The reason is that the production of high-tech products is highly efficient, and the production and sales volume of printing and flexographic printing presses is much higher than that of intermittent printing and intermittent pressing Die-cutting behind the production equipment.
4. China has imported more than one sheet of paper large format sheetfed presses, Automatic Die Cutting Machine to treasure as the representative of the Rapida 1620 machine maximum paper size 1200mmX1620mm, printing speed of 120D0 sheets / hour, and with the light And far infrared drying device, but also the development of the largest paper into the 1300mmX1850mm and 1020mmX2050mm super full sheet of paper printing presses.
  China also has three printing machinery enterprises began to produce full sheetfed paper presses, Automatic Die Cutting Machine the largest paper size were reached: 1020mmX1420mm and 1020mmX1440mm, the maximum printing speed of 5000 to 7000 / hour. The introduction of full-sheet paper and the expansion of the market, the packaging of printed materials die-cutting processing equipment will also produce demand. To adapt to the full size of the NC Automatic Die Cutting Machine China has a large number of production, of which Kun-round machinery production of Automatic Die Cutting Machine, for example, the machine's die-cutting speed of 12,000 / hour, ranking the world's advanced level.