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How to solve manually Strip cutting machine operation problems

Mar 08, 2017

1. manual Strip cutting machine in the appropriate locations, first reduce stationary rack, then connect the power supply. Check moving parts around and not things can start to test the machine. 2. manual Strip cutting machine cutters packed the position to cut and paper tube axial distances between about 2mm~4mm (by adjusting the cutter wheel), ensure the cut knife touch the paper tube shaft, set Tape Size. (Note that tighten cutter nut is left to tight) 3. before cutting to the left (close to Chuck) moved to the appropriate location, and open the paper tube shaft bearing bracket item has been rolled into pipe then tailstock locking on the shaft, the paper tube is pushed into the collet clamp. 4. the cutting tool moves to the other end items, using hand Strip cutting machines feature turned spindles and cutting motor speed adjusting well need (provided that the converters have been added), press start button for automatic feature of automatic Strip cutting. Speed of the spindle speed is determined by the material nature and size, with resin and fiber, large-diameter slowly, pure cotton, soft, small diameter can be faster.