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How to choose a strip cutting machine

Mar 08, 2017

Strip cutting machine-driven fashion, it is divided into two types: electric and pneumatic type. Pneumatic Strip cutting machines low prices, but flawed, weak, unstable, suitable only for light fabric, focus of thicker material it is more difficult to control. Electric Strip cutting machine, suitable for almost all kinds of fabrics, strong stable cutting cleanly. Come see durable durable Strip cutting machine. Excluding personnel problems such as incorrect operation and maintenance is poor, with the machine bed structure are closely related. Type of machine bed castings and welded. Casting bed cost high, firm, thick materials easily withstand; welding bed cost low, but "fragile", a little focused material could not carry a year or so, easy deformation. Finally, strip cutting machine the machine internal parts. This is not apparent on the surface, of course, for some machines, it would be easy to understand. A wire has a cost of quality differences, not to mention the motors and the like.