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Analysis of strip cutting machine features

Mar 08, 2017

1, circle cutter, kabupan (cloth) motor frequency conversion speed regulation can be any speed and reverse switch control, never sticking to the knife. 2, with double-sided grinding system, without dismantling the blade, can be intermittent, so this machine is made of diamond grinding wheel, grinding time and cost savings; and dust loading, clean rags and a knife. Stick tracks and clean cloth. 3, imported PLC programmable controller (commonly known as micro module) controlled cutting, automatic cutting, can set the various cutting widths and number of strip improves the cutting precision. Save electricity parameters are automatically saved and can be called arbitrary; size needed is accurate. 4, imports of ball-bearing slides, parallel push cutting width, easy to wear, with the precision ball screw and slide, greatly controls the cutting precision, accuracy up to 0.1 mm. Reducing malnutrition rates, a high quality cut.