Semi Automatic Chain Feeding Carton Box Printing Slotting Machine

Semi Automatic Chain Feeding Carton Box Printing Slotting Machine
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Semi Automatic Chain Feeding Carton Box Printing Slotting Machine

With chain feeding


Main parameters

1) max printing size: 1400X2500mm

2) max sheet size: 1450X2600mm

3) min sheet length: 450mm

4) machine wall thickness: 40mm

5) paperboard thickness: 3-14mm

6) forme thickness: 3-6mm

7) max machine speed: 50sheets/min

8) main motor power: 7.5Kw

9) units moving motor: 0.37Kw I=1:43, with safety clutch, single unit movement.

10) Ink distribution motor: 1.5Kw I=1:43

11) Forme roller diameter: 475mm including forme thickness 6mm.

12) Dia. of sheet picking shaft: 1271mm

13) Anilox roller: 163.5mm anilox 200lines

14) Rubber roller diameter: 165.3mm hardness 60 degree.

Main assembly

1) 360 degree electrical phase adjustment, braking motor 0.37Kw, 200 dots coder.

2) pneumatic pump for ink supply.

3) pneumatic single unit lock, and the whole machine general lock.

4) units electrical moving with electromagnetic safety clutch.

5) ink roller pneumatic lifting and automatic ink distribution.

6) pneumatic inking.

7) automatic counting.

8) moving safety alarm.

9) automatic lubricant supply.

10) units movement driven by the printing unit, and the die cutting unit is fixed, which improves the stability of the whole machine.

Main performance

I. transmission system

1) adopting #45 steel as the material for the whole transmission gears, improving the stability and the lift, decreasing the noise.

2) adopting satellite flat type adjustment for the transmission, which improving the gears’ life and the accuracy of the printing.

II. feeding unit

1) chain feeding, there are dust-removing brush and paper pressing wheels at the front edge, which make it easy to feeding and can remove dust on the paperboard to improve the quality and definition of the printing.

2) The upper and lower feeding shafts are made of good quality steel, and have tested by dynamic balance. There are two pressing wheels on the upper shaft, they can impress the paperboard edges as well as feeding, which will be helpful for carton stitching.

III. printing unit

1) on the print unit, mounted terminal box controlling production counting, machine speed and displaying the products quantity.

2) The forme roller has been tested by dynamic balance, which makes it running stably. The printing distance can be adjusted manually, and can lock by itself, adjust arrange is 2-12mm. Also, there are coordinate lines on the forme roller, which makes it easy to paste the forme. And the forme roller can be adjusted in axial direction for 10mm.

3) Adopting 360 degree electrical adjustment, and can adjust during working or while stopping, VFD control. And two adjusting modes: automatic and manual, and during automatic adjusting, the parameters values can be set on the phases meter, then pressing related buttons to make it reach the right position automatically. What’s more, the unit locking cylinders make each unit can return the correction position after separating.

4) Special transmission mode makes the inking even, clear without ink depositing.

5) Pneumatic diaphragm pump supplying ink, and the ink quantity can be adjusted by air pressure, even ink supply, easy clean and saving ink.

6)Inking by rubber roller and anilox roller, and driven directly by the forme roller gear, which ensures the same linear speed.

IV. Slotting section

1.locking cylinder structure. When the slotting unit separates from the printing unit, the knife disc position can be locked, then when the two units close together, it can keep at the same position. And there are gears on the slotting knife shaft to make the knife discs easy to move.

2.the phase positions adjustment is the same as do in printing unit.

3.the thickness of the slotting knife is 7mm, alloy material.

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