High Speed Automatic Carton Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Inline with Folder Gluer

printer slotter and die cutter Inline with automatic folder gluer Printer slotter Technical Parameters Remark: The total power (printer slotter and folder gluer) is about 42Kw. Functions and features ● The whole machine computerized PLC control, convenient and reliable. ● All driving rollers are...

Product Details

High Speed Automatic Carton Flexo Printer Slotter and Die Cutter Inline with Folder Gluer

Technical Parameters

Data / Model


Forme roller dia.

¢405 (forme thickness 7.2mm)

Forme roller length


Max. mechanical design speed


Economic running speed


Max. feeding size(mm)


Max. printing area(mm)


Min. feeding size(mm)


Paperboard thickness(mm)


Thickness of printing plate(mm)


Machine wall thickness


Overprinting accuracy

≤± 0.5mm

Slotting accuracy


Die cutting accuracy


Main motor powder


Remark: The total power (printer slotter and folder gluer) is about 42Kw.

Functions and features
● The whole machine computerized PLC control, convenient and reliable.
● All driving rollers are high grade steel, plate with the hard chromium, abrade outside.
● Drive gear adopt 20CrMoTi high grade alloy steel to grind the day after tomorrow but becomes and goes through 60 degree of heat treatment Rockwell hardness greater than.
● Each unit electrically departing, pneumatic locking, pneumatic general locking, sustained bell warning during moving, ensures operation personnel safe.
● Different start and stop warning rings.
● Start the machine by both hands, ensures that handling person safe.
● In front, middle and the end, there are emergency stop buttons.
● There are different guiding lights for switching-on, standby, moving and abnormal (three-color guiding lights of LED).
● There are emergency stop buttons in each unit which can stop the moving of the unit inside to ensure the operators safe.

● Adopting int’l famous brands electric fittings for the whole machine. The complete machine zeroes without exception , wipe printing plate memory and preset function, printing and die-cutting phases zero, pre-adjustment and accurate adjustment, phase adjustment, all above make the whole machine with much higher accurate.

Characteristics of each unit

A. Feeding section (lead edge feeding)

1) Main control panel consists of touch screen, VFD controller and buttons, convenient and reliable.

2) Main motor switching-on is controlled by double buttons which ensure the safety of the operators and the main machine.

3) Continuous and skip feeding (with counter) (choosing skip feeding if necessary).

4) Paperboard feeding counting setting, displaying production quantity.

5) Left and right baffles are controlled by motor-driven with gauge display.

6) The gap of the front baffle is adjusted manually. And there are dust-removing brushes at the rear of the baffle to clean the dust and miscellany and improve the printing quality.

7) Four shafts front edge feeding motor 11.0Kw, auxiliary suction feeding, can adjust the suction strength as per the warping degree of the paperboards to ensure smooth feeding.

8) Upper feeding roller outer dia. φ149 mm, coated with anti-wear rubber which can avoid to press down the paperboard.

9) Lower feeding roller outer dia. Φ149mm, chrome coat with anilox.

10) Cross slide block coupling transmission to decrease abrasion and make transmission much more stable.

11) Electromotive control clutch, and with continuous alarming while moving to ensure the operators safe.

12) Driving shaft with electromagnetic abrasion clutch to avoid faulty operation or protect motors while overload.

13) Automatic return to zero in Feeding, printing and die cutting sections.

14) Air pressure interlocking devices.

B. Vacuum dust cleaning unit

Cleaning the dust on the surface of the paperboard to improve the printing quality.

C. Printing units

1. Forme roller

1) Forme roller outer dia. Ф405

2) Printing roller with fine grinding and chrome coated.

3) Balancing correction, stable running.

4) Forme-hanging device, single side locking, accurate, convenient and fast.

5) Forme-hanging groove at the whole forme, suitable for 10mm forme-hanging slices.

6) Foot switch electromotive control the rotation making it easy to mount and disassemble the forme.

2. Print-pressing roller

1) Outer dia. of the print-pressing roller ф130mm.

2) Fine grinding with chrome coated.

3) Balancing correction, stable running.

4) Self-locking device for the gap adjustment, adjusting range 0-11mm.

3. Steel anilox rollers (anilox roller 180LPI, 200LPI, 220LPI and 260LPI)

1) Anilox roller dia. Ф187.57mm.

2) Steel material.

3) Even ink applying, lengthen the life of the forme and the rubber roller.

4) Air pressure automatic lifting gear match the feeding section (the anilox roller descends to contact with the forme while printing, and the anilox roller lifts to depart from the forme while stopping printing).

5) Rubber roller ink even-distributing roller.

4. Phases adjusting structure

1) Plant-type gear structure.

2) Digital display for the phases, making the operation much more convenient, intuition and correction.

3) PLC control and 360 degree electric digital adjustment for print phases.

4) VFD control for adjustment for the forme roller, it will be faster to return to zero or change the forme, and make it faster to change the forme.

5) The whole machine and the feeding part will automatically return to zero, accuracy 0.5mm, then the phases will adjust automatically and roughly, and then input parameters after test running one sheet, which can greatly avoid waste.

6. Ink circulation system

1) Air-pressure type diaphragm pump, stable ink supply and easy operation.

2) The pump can not supply ink before the rubber roll and the anilox roller gather up.

3) Ink filtering device.

7. Print phases fixing device

Pneumatic brake structure. When units separate, the brake device limits the gear moving, which can keep the phases unchangeable.

8. Axial adjusting structure

1) Axial electric adjustment for print roller, range: ±10 mm.

2) Digital display for position, making it convenient, intuition and correction to operate.

D. Slotting section

1. Pre-pressing wheels. The paperboards will be not easy to be broken after Pre-pressing.

2. Manual adjustment for pre-pressing wheel gaps.

3. Manual adjustment for groove wheel gaps, the data will be displayed on the dial scale.

4. The width of the slotting knifes is 7.0mm. Alloy steel, two-piece type edge trimming knife, sharp and high precision.

5. Manual adjustment for the slotting knife base gap, the data will be displayed on the dial scale.

6. Plant-type gear structure for the slotting phases adjustment.

7. PLC control and 360 degree electric and digital adjustment for the slotting phases.

8. Axial synchronous electric adjustment for the slotting upper and lower knife bases, pre-pressing upper and lower wheels and precise pressing upper and lower groove wheels.

9. the structure of the upper and lower slotting knives discs is forward and backward double discs, that is to say, the forward knife and the backward knife are mounted on different bases, which makes it easy to operate, adjust and maintain.

E. Die cutting section

Accuracy of die cutting: ±1.0mm


1) The die roller and the anvil roller will separate automatically via cylinder eccentric device while not die cutting, which can decrease the idle load and lengthen life of the anvil and the die.

2) Plant-type gear structure, the same as that in printing section.

3) PLC control and 360 degree electric and digital adjustment for the die cutting phases.

4) Electric digital transverse movement, range: 10mm.

5) with the anvil correction device which can make the anvil roller to be used repeatedly.

2.die roller (lower roller)

1) Outer dia. Ф360mm, not including the die.

2) Cast with fine grinding and hard chrome plated

3) Balancing correction, stable running.

4) The hole distance of the fixing screw for the die, axial direction: 100mm, radial: 20 aliquot.

5) Knife height: 25.4mm.

Wooden die plate thickness: 16-18mm (for 3ply corrugation paperboard) 17-15.3mm (for 5ply corrugation paperboard)

3. Anvil roller (upper roller)

1) Outer dia. Φ384mm.

2) Alloy steel with fine grinding and hard chrome plated.

3) Balancing correction, stable running.

4) Manual adjustment the gat with the die.

5) Anvil thickness 10mm, width 250mm, normal life: 8 millions times cutting.

6) Mechanical transverse movement 50mm.

F. Inline folder gluer

1. Technical date


Mechanical speed


Max paperboard size


Min paperboard size


Other sizes

W: 170-700mm
L: 170-700mm
H: 260-900mm
G: 40mm
L1: 680-2000mm

Paperboard thickness

2-8mm 3 and 5 ply of flute A, B, C, AB and AC, etc

Carton type

Straight type slotted or die cut carton

Stored order


Stacking number

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Total power






Power supply

440V, 3phases,50Hz

Air supply

0.7-0.9Mpa,not less than 0.5 m³ / min

2. Features

1) Inline with the flexo printer slotter machine

2) Gluing Part: Glue tank flexibly contacts with the gluing wheel without glue leakage.

3) Folding unit

a) Convenient to adjust folding guide bar, shorten the time for sheet changing.

b) Good rigidity of bottom folding arm ensures fine performance on hard paperboard.

c) Squaring function improves the precision of carton boxes.

4) Flapping & Ejecting unit

a) Longer time for first flapping is favorable for enhancing adhesion precision.

b) Re-flapping structure can eliminate scissor gap and fish tails.

c) Stable ejection structure decrease failure rate.

5) The whole machine

a) PLC program control, adjust parameter automatically by input paperboard sizes.

b) Speed can be adjusted by the printing machine control panel connected by the comm. Cable. And failure and emergency stop are correlative.

c) Smooth paperboard transportation at the joint point with the printer slotter.

d) Down folding method makes it easy to adjust and change paperboard.

e) Imported belt with high quality, stable and durable.

f) The height of paperboard feeding can be adjusted in accordance with the printer slotter between 830-1000mm.

A5 Automatic strapping machine



Model: A5

Size: 1250mm (width) x 500mm (pile height)

The strapping machine consists of automatic clapping, automatic strapping, automatic turning, and delivery table, etc.


1. Based on German core technology.

2. Most advanced high speed automatic strap threading technology.

3. Quickest automatic strap coil change technology.

4. Fastest strapping machine (of the same type).

5. Automatic strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap

6. Automatic strap loop ejection when machine cycles without bundle

7. Thermostatically controlled 24 volt heat-weld sealing system; Wear-free DC drive, brushless motor technology

8. PLC control; Equipment control system upgrade effects with the use of belt conveyor stack carton boxes, conveyor speed can be adjustable

9. 7 inches touch screen control system, and automatic fault alarming for the position.

10. Strapping tension can be adjustable with digital input; can select single strapping or double strapping

11. Quickly set up the operating methods, strapping positions, strapping tension, etc.

Strapping head

l Hot welding system with electric temperature adjusting device.

l Fastening welding point, special cam deivce.

Proximity switch

Adopting Germany brand.

Air pressure device

Adopting Taiwan brand.

6 bar compressed air, 1/4” fast moving clutch; air consumption 25 cycles / min: ca. 130 l / min

Rollers delivery section

Adopting Japan brand motor.

And the delivering speed can be adjusted.             

Automatic detecting sensor

Adopting Japan Omron.

Automatic detecting the cartons, and the position is adjusted

PLC control system

Japan Mitsubishi.

And can extend from single strapping function to multi-function.

Touch screen control system

Adopting Taiwan brand

Multi- function control, can choose single strapping, or double strapping. Can also choose manually strapping, or automatic strapping, also can choose air pressure switch, etc.

The total length of the strapping machine: 4500mm

Working table height: 820-930mm adjustable

Strapping speed:

Max 18-20 bundles, depending on the carton sizes.

Strip material

Standard PP strapping strip, width 5mm.

Carton ordering device: can clap cartons in four directions.

1. Carton size: width 300-1000mm (the width in the ordering position), length 300-1000mm, height 120-350mm.

2. Can do three direction clapping (front, left and right), and four direction clapping (front, rear, left and right).

3. The block rod cylinder journey: 250mm, and the cylinder extending, it is 350mm higher than the delivery line.

4. Delivery speed: 15-25m adjustable.

5. Max pile height: 15-20kg.

6. Clapping rhythm: 18-22 average


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