Automatic Friction Welding Machine

Automatic Friction Welding Machine
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Friction welding machines

Friction welding the washer and the bushing together. And the machine sizes depend on the sizes of the bushing to be done. Also, the machines are widely used for welding of two different metal rods such as Al and Cu cable bimetal lugs, etc.


1)The machine consists of main shaft box, sliding table, main oil cylinder, rotating and moving clamping tools, clamping oil cylinder, machine body, hydraulic system and electric control system, etc.

2)The machine is designed and improved on the basis of the traditional welding machine, and with advantages of high welding strength, more stability and higher performance, etc.

3)It has memory function and can store the settings of the products done before.

4)It can save about 50% electric power compared to traditional machines.

5)The consumption of the rods can be set to ensure the products length is same.

6)The main shaft driving system adopts servo transmission system, and can run at different speed as per the diameter of the work-pieces, and can control the welding angle.

7)Automatic feeding and unloading device is optional.

8)Automatic Aluminum and copper rods ends lathing device is optional.

Remark: Before the process in reforming machine, the welding marks should be removed by a lathe.

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